Jesus' Precepts and Deeds through His Three Years of Teaching

Jesus near Caesarea Philippi (cont.)

- Chapter 180 -
The Lord sends a messenger toward the Nubian caravan.

arcus asks Me with an exceeding joyous face: "Lord, You Omniscient! How many persons are in the caravan?"
Says I: "It consists of exactly seventy heads, amongst them, just like their fugitive ancestors, thirty-four women and thirty-six men. The one without a wife is the seer, and the second without a wife is his servant!
See, this is the way these blacks became fugitives nearly a thousand years ago, namely on the grounds of a renewal of the law, which of course during the times of Moses was not what it was before the Great flood! The old leader who became a fugitive, wanted to revive the old customs and habits; nevertheless, he only met a lot of enemies, who started to pursue him and his followers in a quite despicable manner, so that finally he had no option than to flee the blind, fanatical superiority of his many enemies.
The escape was therefore a prophetic portent for the reception of a higher light and indicated, during the times of Moses, also to the better descendants of Cain, that during this time also for them a light of redemption will rise. These blacks will not reach the old well of Jacob like the children of Abraham, but nevertheless, they will still drink from the marvellous water, if they are thirsty for it.
And now lets choose a messenger, who masters the upper Egyptian tongue! In the camp of Julius is a spokesman; call him to Me, so that I can instruct him how he can recognize the leader immediately, and what he has to tell him!"
Julius himself got up immediately and hurried to the camp, called the spokesman and brought him to Me.
When this arch Roman came to Me, he said: "Son of the most highest and most elated Zeus! What is it that You instruct me to do? I am in the highest degree unworthy, to receive an order from You - the Son of the highest God only gives orders to under gods, those to the princes of the earth, those to the senior most generals, those to their seniors and captains, and only those to their slaves, which we have the honour to be -; but You, most Highest, want to make an exception here, and therefore I ask You for Your holy instructions!"
Says I: "Very good, very good, My dear friend! You are still an arch Roman, but nevertheless faithful and honest to your faith and your status. You have served for some time in Egypt, have learned to understand and speak the old Egyptian language, and now you should be messenger for Me to the area of Caesarea Philippi. You are a good rider and by horse you will soon be at the right place.
In the vicinity of the burned down town you will meet a caravan consisting of seventy black people; in front, riding on two white covered camels, are the leader on the right and his servant on the left. The leader will already greet you from a far distance. He is dressed completely in white clothes; but his face you will find coal black. Likewise his hands and feet; but in his heart it looks much brighter than the skin of his body. Say to him: 'You have reached the goal of your efforts; follow me! Within a few moments you will be standing in front of the face of Him, whom you have searched for after your seventh vision!'
Such say to him with the old Egyptian tongue, which you can speak rather well! Go now, saddle your horse and go quickly; where the main roads cross, you will meet with him!"
When the spokesman heard such from Me, he bowed deeply and said: "A Roman veteran never bows except before the gods; but You alone are worthy of all admiration and all worshipping! And now I will carry out Your instructions!"
The already grey warrior hurries away, was quickly in full armament on his Arabian horse and galloped like an arrow to the indicated place, and a dust cloud in the distance was so to speak a sure sign, that the large caravan was approaching the place. Our messenger was within a few moments at the indicated place and still waited for an quarter of an hour for the full arrival of the large caravan. We could see them when looking around the corner fo the house; since to the crossing it was only a weak half an hour walking away.
When the leader arrived at the to the teeth armed spokesman, he asked him according to Roman war custom, where he was heading and what determined him in his native country to carry out such trip.
The leader came to a halt, looked the Roman firmly into the eyes and said in a very serious sounding voice: "Roman! Who asked you to expect me here? Today we already came from the great sea and crossed through steppes and forests. From Alexandria ships carried us over the wide sea; only birds could see us from Egypt to here! You are the first person which we have met during the complete trip; how could you know that we would arrive? Who revealed our arrival to you? Are you a seer; since you should know, there exists a foremost and most highest God-being above all your gods and above all people, irrespective of which skin colour they are!
Seven times I had the same vision; in this vision I always saw this area in an undescribable light. A little group of people of white and brown skin colour, was already standing in this great light and shone themselves like sons. But among these light people, there was standing one who shone brighter than a hundred-thousand suns! From Him all light originated; yes, it gave me the feeling, as if the whole of infinity was full of His most unmeasurable light! But irrespective of His indescribable bright light, it nevertheless caused no pain, like with us the much weaker light of the sun.
At the end of the always same vision I always heard the clear words: 'Go there, you black one, there also your night will become illuminated!' Such I told to all my black brothers and sisters, and we decided to undertake this trip from Nouabia, and are now on our way for already three month.
I knew quite well to where we had to travel: since my spirit, who accompanied me already for seven years, had told me, that the place which I saw in my vision, was lying in Asia along the coast of the great sea. From the sea I immediately recognized it, which I have seen seven times in my vision. When we were at the right place, we went on land. Immediately a road was showing, on which we travelled to here, - and here you are meeting us! O tell me, who told you about us? O speak! I anticipate greatness!"
Said the Roman: "You have reached the destination of your labourious travels! Within a few moments you will be standing in front of the face of Him, whom you have searched for, after seeing Him seven times in your vision!"
The leader immediately instructed all to follow the Roman; since he was clearly a messenger of Him, whom they were searching for.
The Roman immediately led the way and the whole caravan followed him.