Jesus' Precepts and Deeds through His Three Years of Teaching

Jesus near Caesarea Philippi (cont.)

- Chapter 184 -
The blessing of the primordial culture of the simple man.

(Oubratouvishar:) "'Therefore stay in your great and original natural purity and never long for such a wretched land culture! Never build any cities! Stay in your simple huts and you can stay for all times of times the happiest nation on earth, and this even more so, if you stay with the true recognition of the everlasting true God, and only honour and love Him! Even if you cannot see Him, He can see you, and He always will provide you with the power, which is necessary for you to combat any elements hostile to man. According to the original laws of nature, man is in charge of everything which lives and breathes on, under and above the earth.
You are still, what humans should be! The fierce lion, and tiger, panther, hyenas, wolves, bears, snakes and adders are fleeing your presence; only the tame herds follow your every step! With such properties equipped, man is still standing on this elevated primordial level of being, on which the Creator has placed him in the beginning of all creatures. Ly down on the lawn where the rattle snake and the poisonous viper are having their loose game, and they leave the holy place, on which man, as master of nature, is taking a rest! The evil ants, the curse of some forests and steppes, emigrates as soon as man in his primordial strength enters the area and builds a house for himself. The lion, the panther, the most evil tiger are keeping away from the herds which are guarded by true people, and the crocodile, the dragon of the Nile, is never seen in those countries, which is inhabited by humans. The Ibis, the stork and the icz ne ma (ichneumon=does not have poison) willingly serve man and cleaning the land of all creeping animal vermin, and the sharp seeing eyes are searching for all cadavers and consume it, so that the air is never polluted by it.
O, what a marvellous being of true people in every area, and what wretched life of people in the cities, which are full of haughtiness and full of stinking self-love! In them all the primordial life strength is gone; they are foreign bodies, foreign beings in the large kingdom which surrounds them, and who are standing outside any connection with God and therefore also with any other creatures. They must build hard castles to protect themselves against a hostile nature!
Today I will let spend hundred people the night on the grass land which I indicated to you where you can stay, and the next morning not one will survive with his life; since these are not people anymore, but weak silhouettes of the same, and their crippled bodies are true dwellings of all kinds of evil and unfermented nature spirits and unnatural behaviour. Their outer-life-circle is not their divine individuality anymore, but of an animal-like nature, and therefore there is no power left in them anymore and even less so outside them. The outer nature does not sees in them the highest culminating goal of their being anymore, but only a total depravity and complete destruction of that level, on which all creatures are supposedly reach their highest goal. Therefore all creatures are acting hostile against such people and are trying to destroy them in every possible manner, because there is nothing to expect from them anymore.
Therefore, my noble, black skin friend, you and your whole nation should be happy, that you are black and that you are still living in life's innocent spring huts; because especially therefore you are still that, what a true person should be according to the order of the highest spirit of God! Therefore, always stay as you are now, also with regard to your latest descendants, then you will never have to complain about distress and misery of the human life!'"