Jesus' Precepts and Deeds through His Three Years of Teaching

Jesus near Caesarea Philippi (cont.)

- Chapter 187 -
The Nubians cognize the Lord.

ere the blacks were overcome by complete dizziness from surprise over surprise; since this was something they regarded above everything. They are pure, still completely unspoiled nature people and as still true masters of nature, they are able to perform some events by the firmness of their full believe and will, which must appear to an already deeply downgraded person of worldly commonness, as a great miracle, and it would be therefore quite difficult, to make an impression on these souls by any other miracle. The healing of an illness would be quite misplaced; since these real children of nature do not know any illnesses. Their old people always reached a high age, and their death is always just a quiet and painless falling asleep.
Their children never die, because they were fathered in the right order, and were born into this world as fully ripe and healthy to the core; afterwards they were fed in a natural way and therefore no ill material could be deposited in them. If one had healed any illnesses in front of them, one first had to explain to them what an illness is and whereby it originates. However, with that one would have caused them more harm than be of any use; since to be knowledgeable about sin and its consequences, means as much as nearly having committed it already.
Somebody might be of the opinion that an awakening from the dead might be quite effective. Would also be not suitable for these people! Since they view the death of the body as a great relief of God towards the people and would regard such an act even as a transgression against the order of the most high spirit of God, for as long they are not taught anything completely better about Myself. The calling up of a great storm they would view with absolutely natural eyes of their extremely sensitive souls; since they themselves always have a mighty influence on the nature-spirits of the air, the water, the earth and the fire. But a movement which surpasses the speed of one of their shot arrows by incomparable magnitude, is a true miracle for these people, which only can be performed by God and His highest servant spirits, but never by a reasonable weak and mortal person of this earth.
After the blacks had recovered from their complete amazement, the leader said to his companions: "Brothers! I and all of you have now seen a deed, which can only be performed by God; since even with our thoughts we cannot move that quickly to our fatherland and from there back again to here, as fast as this servant of God has went to and fro with this my little jewel! Therefore we are at the right place and must only move with the greatest reverence and continued inner worshipping of Him, who sits their at the big table with an inconceivable most divine and most elated expression.
What He will speak to us in His inexpressible mercy and grace, will from now on our holiest commandment, which we will keep as the clear rocks of our fatherland, also in our descendants until the end of all times, which this earth still has to go through! You know what the wise governor has prophesied of this most elated God person's everlasting dignity! It is in fact so, of which we are now fully convinced! Since it is so and not otherwise, we also know what we have to do to follow!
The trip to here was far and difficult; even if it was by a thousand times further and also a thousand times more difficult as it were, it would not in the slightest manner weigh up against this greatest, incomprehensible highest, in all eternity undeserved mercy! Since there sits the everlasting, almighty spirit in human form, who made heaven and earth and everything that there is, only by His will and from His will, just as the wise governor in Memphis has amply explained to us.
We are now standing in front of the true, everlasting God, who made us and has given us life. Every moment of our life is in His hand; if He wanted it, we would not be there anymore. In short, only He is everything in everything, and everything that there is, is not without Him! This is what my vision means and what the governor in Memphis had taught us, and therefore we have to accept this and believe it forever. - It now seems if the everlasting Lord and Master wants to talk to us! Therefore be attentive, as if we are on a most dangerous lion hunt, how it was described to us by the governor in Memphis!"