Jesus' Precepts and Deeds through His Three Years of Teaching

Jesus near Caesarea Philippi (cont.)

- Chapter 191 -
The black people who traveled behind.

(The Lord:) "My name is Jesus from Nazareth, earthly as a person, and Jehovah from eternity; but from now on Jesus will stay forever. In this name you will be able to do and to effect everything, not only temporary, but forever!
Love Me as your God and Lord and Master above all and among yourselves like everybody himself, then you will remain in My love, in My strength and power, and My light will never leave you!
However, if you become weaker in the love for Me and your poorer brothers and sisters, it will become dark in your hearts, and My strength and power in you will dwindle and become very small! Even if you call on My name and want to act through it, it will not provide you with My strength and power anymore; since all strength, all power and all successful doing in My name, will only be maintained by the love to Me and from it to your fellow-man!
My name on its own, does not achieve anything, but only the love in it, through it and for it, and therefrom to your fellow-man! If a poor person came to someone and begs him for help, but this someone says to him: 'Go and earn it for youself!', truly, he does not have My love and will not overcome any power and any strength!
Go now and tell this to your companions, and then come back, and I Myself will teach you another gospel! So be it!"
Oubratouvishar bows before Me and went to the tables of his companions, to tell them, what he heard from Me. But how big was his amazement, when he, instead of the twenty who this time travelled with him, also found thirty-four women sitting at the table. He of course recognized them immediately as his neighbours and next of kin, and it is obvious that his first question was none other than: how and when have you followed me.
And they answered him: "To see and hear for oneself is better, than to be informed about the miraculous events out of the mouth of even the most trusted eye- and ear witness! We always were half a day's travel behind you!
We would not have undertaken this trip, if it was not for a rather indescribable beautiful shining white youth, coming like from the air to us and almost forced us to do it. We gathered a herd of cows, bulls and a small herd of sheep and came with it to Memphis; there, the good governor and his people already met us far outside the city and said, that he also received a message from a similar youth and therefore went out to meet us.
He (the governor) told us about you, took in the mean time our herds in good safekeeping and provided us in exchange with gold and silver in different weight- and value categories, to exchange these wherever we went for all kind of food stuffs and other things and items. We thanked him and he gave us an escort up to Alexandria, who provided for us on our way with all kind of necessary things and also arranged for a save water basket in Alexandria, in which we were brought here over a never ending large water.
When we put ashore, we found your tracks unscathed pressed into the sand and followed such tracks. Finally we came so close to you, that we clearly could see the dust thrown up by your camels; only when you were lost behind a forest and mountain, we couldn't see you any longer.
But then the youth met up with us and brought us in a manner to here, that we could not say anything further, only that we ourselves are full of surprise that we are here! How we came from there to here, we do not know more about than even a very bad dream!
However, this most Elated has instructed you to give us something! What is it? Speak! Since according to his figure he looks exactly like you have told us repeatedly from your visions, the very reason why you and we have travelled to here! Speak, speak!"