Jesus' Precepts and Deeds through His Three Years of Teaching

Jesus near Caesarea Philippi (cont.)

- Chapter 192 -
On the nature of Isis and Osiris.

ays the leader: "We, my brothers and sisters, are believing it, because we have been eye- and ear witnesses of this, what is in front of us and exists! All human wisdom, all mind and even the purest and most sober reason cannot grasp, that this can be possible, only to think about what is here.
O, you cannot have a premonition and can form no idea, about this what is here! After having my visions, I have come close to imagine something unmeasurable big, which will await me here; but about something most unmeasurable and most infinitive, even my biggest and most daring thought did not dare to reach such height, but nevertheless it is so and is there, unmistakeably before our astonished eyes!
You know, what entirely I alone and the governor have negotiated quite loudly in front of you one year ago in Memphis, although the governor quite often thought, that it would be sufficient, if only me have to learn his deep wisdom. But I said: 'See, lord, here my brothers and sisters! No one is lesser than myself; therefore you, lord, should not make an exception of me in front of them!' And thereupon he always opened his mouth loudly.
When he about six month later led us to Kar-nag in Korak, to lift the old-famous Isis veil, more than half of you were also present and has heard and seen everything like myself.
There we saw two strange pictures: firstly that the I-sis (the nourishing being of primordial life), covered behind a dense veil, and next to it the picture of Osiris (Ou sir iez; the pasture of the pure, spiritual person).
The first picture presented a gigantic woman, with many breasts seen at the breast; at times also a cow has been depictured instead of the woman with many breasts as seen by us.
The second picture of Ou sir iez presented an odd being. A man was standing on a wide, rich pasture, surrounded by many herds, eagerly grazing, and the odd man was standing in the middle of all kind of fruit, and his position was like someone who is eating.
Through these two pictures the Egyptians depictured, as you yourself have heard from the mouth of the wise governor, firstly the primordial being of the creating, feeding and maintaining God-being is depicted in a covered manner - and by the second uncovered picture everything created, living and consuming of the whole creation is presented.
Here the governor began to explain to us all with deep words of wisdom the being of the only, everlasting, primordial-creating God, and we recognized that there must exist an almighty, most highest and exceedingly wise primordial being, from whom all beings in the whole, most everlasting infinity have originated and also are continuously nourished and maintained.
This primordial God-being cannot be seen or understood by anybody, since it fills the whole of infinity and is most secretly, omni present in space as well as time, which was the reason why the picture of I-sis was always covered. Nobody could and was allowed to lift the immense veil of I-sis, except the high priest at certain, especially holy times, - but also he, only the lowest hemline in front of the people.
At that stage you obtained the deepest respect of the primordial Godhead, and not less I myself. On the way from Kar nag (not naked, therefore dressed and covered) to Ko rak (modest like a crayfish) we spoke about nothing else than the primordial Godhead, and at each tree the governor explained to us that the inner is also covered from everyone's eyes, the covered picture of I-sis, and our amazement and reverence increased with each step of our camels carrying us.
In every object of nature we began to see the puzzling picture of the covered and veiled I-sis, and the governor found a lot of joy in us, his black disciples, and from Kar nag we saw all of nature with complete different eyes as before.
Which marvellous and great conversations did not took place afterwards between us, and of which reverence our whole heart was overcome, when in our labour free hours we guided our thoughts and words to the one, everlasting primordial God-being! How many times haven't we talked about this with the good and wise governor in Memphis, what nameless happy feeling it would produce in a person, if it was in anyway possible to only once hear only a single word from the highest God-being, even if it was only very softly but nevertheless quite distinct, in ones heart!"