Jesus' Precepts and Deeds through His Three Years of Teaching

Jesus near Caesarea Philippi (cont.)

- Chapter 197 -
The spiritual advantages and disadvantages of the moors.

ays Cyrenius to Me: "Lord, I would not have expected so much wisdom and perfect clear reasoning from these moors; already the many knowledge and wondrous experiences they have, are really surprising me! The governor from Memphis, by name Justus Platonicus, is known to me as a very wise man; but that he is familiar with all the old Egyptian mysteries, I surely did not know!
That he always was a strong philosopher, I know. As a son of a highly respected house in Rome and rich like Krösus, already during his youth he became familiar with the Greek and Egyptian philosophers and made Egypt the culmination of all his studies. Ten years he spend in the land of the old wise and was taught everything. With an accompanying document from my brother, Caesar Augustus, in hand, all mysteries from the beginning to the end had to be revealed to him, and this is how he came to his current wisdom. And because he was so thoroughly knowledgeable in all Egyptian affairs, already Augustus appointed him more a civil- rather than a military governor in Memphis in upper Egypt. There is some military in Memphis under the command of Justus Platonicus, but he is not a general.
That he is a great scholar, I know; but that he now became also a wise man and actually a priest, I of course did not know! From now on I have to think higher of him; since through his troubles with the moors, he acquired a lot of merit with me. He would be exceedingly happy, if he could be here! What would be Your opinion about this my Justus Platonicus? How does he as a heathen, including me, relate to the kingdom of God on earth?"
Says I: "Why do you ask about this? Justus is a man according to My heart, he loves God above all and his fellow-men more than himself; and who does this, is already in My kingdom, irrespective if Jew or heathen! I say to you, that I would more easily get along with him, than with all of you, but you are also alright for Me! However, to preserve My word, nobody is more suitable than these blacks; since what they have understood properly, stays pure and unchanged like a cut diamond. Everybody can vouch for them, that this My teaching will after two-thousand years be as pure as they have received it from Me!
These kind of black people have the peculiar property, to keep a teaching or custom for thousand and more years completely pure, as if they have received it in the very beginning. They will not take anything away or add anything to it; but all this is not an indication that they are more advanced than you white people, however, as descendants of Cain they are standing on a lower level and it is very hard for them to reach the childhood of God, since they are pure planetary people belonging to this earth. They are pure earthly creatures, equipped with reason, mind, conscience but with a lesser free will than you white people.
However, the lesser free will they have, are a lot firmer than your totally free will! What they want, they put into action, even if it takes to level mountains! During the course of the day they will provide us with some examples of their firm will, which will amaze you! However, that they in all their doings are more unchangeable than the descendants of Seth, is already testified by their forms.
See, the leader is apparently the oldest among them, and his disciple is twenty-eight years younger than he! Look at both of them and see whether according to their outer appearance the one looks only one year younger than the other; they resemble each other like twin brothers! It will be very difficult for you to judge their age. The same goes for their natural strength and cheerfulness. The seventy year old jumps in competition with a youth of seventeen years!
You whites are often become ill, and your skin is subject to all kind of sicknesses; however, they, as long as they stay with their natural food, do not know any bodily illnesses. Most of them die of old age weakness. But just like their outer physical appearance stays unchanged compared to yours, so is also their inner soul character completely different and many times firmer than yours; however, nevertheless, regarding the full development of their spirit, they will therefore make much lesser progress than you, because they nearly lack the flexibility in their will completely. Their will can also be bent to some extend; but it always requires a lot of seriousness and hard work and patience.
However, the supremeness of the soul and the spirit in it, does not lie in the so to speak more animal-like firmness of the will, but in the soul's property of easy recognition, whereby it quickly grasps and understands the light of the truth, and in the more easily flexible will, so that the soul sees the true and good and also grasps this quickly with the will and turns it into a deed, since without it no recognition would be of any use to a soul."