Jesus' Precepts and Deeds through His Three Years of Teaching

Jesus near Caesarea Philippi (cont.)

- Chapter 207 -
The signs of the zodiac of the seventh pearl. The decline of Egyptian culture. The history of the seven pearls.

(Raphael:) "See, there it is! What do you see on it? - You see something, but you don't know what it is; on this very beautiful pearl all the constellations have been drawn, and rubbed with a brown-red colour, and under the crust it stayed preserved until this hour.
We do not learn too much from this pearl which is significant; but we still derive from it, that our Shivinz knew the stars on the firmament quite well and that he for sure was the first one who arranged the constellations into a certain system. And as he named the zodiac, they are still called the same name today!
Before his reign it looked quite meagre with the old Egyptians, regarding making drawings and the subsequent writing, as well as the right recognition of oneself, and even more meagre regarding the recognition of God. However, our Shivinz has with a lot of inexpressibly troubles brought order into all this, and made from the former wild nomadic tribe one of the most educated and wisest nations of the whole earth, what of course produced a lot of envious people in time. Since the foreigners were soon greatly pleased by such extraordinary land- and peoples culture; everything what they saw, appeared heavenly wondrous to them, so that once getting there, they could not separate from it anymore.
The more they started to travelled there, the more they started to settled there, and in this way the first subjugation of the ancient people and their rulers occurred mainly in quite a peaceful manner.
The descendants of Shivinz became increasingly soft and spoiled people, lived luxuriously, depended on the fame of their forefathers and neglected to a large degree the business of governance. The result of this was that soon the immigrants, who were hardened people, were easily elected by the natives as leaders and placed in ruling positions, and all this without the sword.
To some extend this was quite good and right, but the ancient natives did not won too by this changeover. Since the foreign guardians ('varion'; badly translated pharaohs) formed only too soon an armed force and became true tyrants and people dominators. Only a few people got access to the schools, and what still has been taught their, was a far cry from earlier teachings, which also was the reason why soon from the former purest truth the most absurd idolisms connected to the thickest darkness developed, behind which the ancient culture of this country - even for great wise men - was hardly visible anymore.
It is therefore that these seven pearls are of such incalculable great value, because they originate from a time, when Egypt was standing on top of its highest spiritual development, and they therefore cannot be kept well enough!"
Ask one of the moors, at which opportunity these pearls have ended up in the sand of the Nile and were lost in the sand of the stream.
Says Raphael: "I already have told you how the Nile at certain times grows to a true Deluge! About 567 years after Shivinz, our Nile rose to a puzzling height; in narrow places it rose to over hundred-and-sixty ell (1 ell = 1.143 m) above its normal water level! All cities lying in valley bottoms were entirely over flooded for five weeks, and at that opportunity the pearls including the houses where they have been kept, were swept away by the force of the waves and were covered by sand and mud just as the blocks from which the buildings were constructed.
During the nearly three-thousand years of being buried the crust has build up around them, as you have found them, and from which I have freed them, initially in quite a natural and later in a wondrous manner possible to me.
Now you also know this and have in this seven pearls seven books, which can give now and for all times a quite complete teaching about the country, which is partly also inhabited by you. Therefore keep them save; since each of these pearls is worth a lot more than a large kingdom!
For the time being Oubratouvishar, as the most wise among you, should hold them in save keeping; and if at one stage he will leave this world, he should decide who is worthy to save guard this incalculable treasure. Woe an unworthy person who wanted to seize them because of avarice!
I, as a messenger and will executor of Him, who sits there, believe to have done enough wondrous things to enliven your believe; if this is not enough for you, anything further would also not be enough! Do you now believe that the One sitting over there is He, for whom the great Shivinz and his two ancestors has build the large rock temple at Jabusimbil?"
Say all "Yes, yes, yes, you wondrous powerful messenger of the Lord, we hereby confirm it from the deepest grounds of our lives!"
With that the angel left them, and Cyrenius asked Me, if these actually rather pure historic facts of Egypt are also forming a necessity regarding the gospel out of My mouth.
And I said to Him: "One of the biggest! Because after a few centuries all kinds of researchers will rise and search this land in all detail, and they will find many things which were mentioned by the mouth of Raphael. This will confuse them a great deal, just as it also would severely confuse you and already your closest descendants; but this fully true revelation will clear up for you everything in this regard. In later times, however, I will again awaken men, who will again reveal to the people, the searching and studying these old riddles. - But now we ourselves want to go over to them and give them the true gospel from the heavens."
We rose and went to the moors who waited for us.