Jesus' Precepts and Deeds through His Three Years of Teaching

Jesus near Caesarea Philippi (cont.)

- Chapter 209 -
Cultivation of the mind and soul.

(Oubratouvishar:) "With us true upbringing consists therein, that we firstly improve the souls of our children as much as possible; once the soul is in order, then the mind gets the education, which we possess ourselves. But the whites begin to educate their children's mind as soon as they start to babble, and think that once the child has a perfectly educated mind, it will also look after the soul!
O Lord, how silly the many whites are in this regard, that they cannot see, that a pre-educated mind is always a murderer of the soul! Since the pure mind makes the child arrogant and haughty; however, where arrogance, self-conceit and haughtiness has taken ownership of the soul, it is a daunting task for anyone to change it again, and he soon will learn, that an old, crooked-grown tree can never be made straight again.
With us there are no courts, no court houses and no prisons and no dungeons, but also no other laws than those, which are prescripted by a properly formed soul to man. Therefore with us there exists no sin known to us and no crime by any name and therefore also no punishment, since the way everyone of us thinks for himself, exactly equally and even better he thinks for his fellow-man.
With the white mind-people we have found exactly the opposite. Nearly all are holding everything to themselves and regarding their fellow-men only as much as they are in any way useful to their own selfishness. If the selfish decides that the one or other fellow-man can or will not be of any use to him, then every animal is more important to him than such a fellow-man!
With us, however, one values a person first as a person. Should a fellow-man be of no use to me, I still can be of use to him, and in this way it cancels each other. I also have a servant; but I never have forced him in whatever manner to serve me, it is his completely own free will. We serve each other certainly more, than the whites have ever served each other for the wretched duty remuneration; however no person's will is made a slave of somebody else by any external means, but what he is doing, he does freely and completely unforced!
We therefore do not have any palaces and large dwellings build from bricks, but very simple huts, absolutely identical in appearance. Who does not yet have a hut and can also not be accommodated in another hut, does not have to build himself a new hut with his own strength and own means, or does not have to go to another society to beg, but we voluntarily out of love and respect for him being an identical human as we are, will build him an identical hut as our own; and so there exists peace and unity in always the same measure between us.
This our house order is for the whites, as we have got to know them, completely foreign, and some have blatantly said it to our faces that this was an all culture opposing foolishness. But how is it then that all animals and even the elements are obeying our unified will, while the whites with all their mind culture could not dare to approach a herd of lions?! Woe the most hardened fighter with a sword! He should just try it; already one lion will show him, that the lion is his master and not vice versa!
We, however, can walk among lions and panthers as among our camels, cattle and sheep and goats and do not know one case, where such a beast has ever attacked a human, - also not our herds; since they are getting their meat only then, when animals of our quite large herds have died of old age. For that each society has a certain place a considerable distance away, where they take daily one or more dead animals, where immediately the sharp tooth food eaters come and consume the dead animals with skin and hair and bones. Since nobody of us eat meat, except this of the fish and chicken, as long they are young and soft; the old are also left for the wild animals as food.
What can do a white person with all his mind education if he has fallen into the water? He goes under and drowns! We, however, as it pleases us, can walk on the surface of the water just like on any dry land. Only if someone wants it, he can also dive beneath the water; but it costs him always quite a lot of trouble and effort.
All snakes which are poisonous, flee our presence; mice and grasshoppers we only got to know in Egypt; evil ants are shying away from us and our chickens, and vultures and eagles are feeding themselves with the flesh of dead lions, panthers and foxes.
And as such it appears that with us blacks there still exists the order, as it existed and had to exist among people, irrespective of their colour of skin, according to the will of the Creator from the primordial beginning; since if the first human pair was placed on this earth with the present bad order of the current white skin people, I would like to know, how they could have protected themselves against the attack of all kind of wild and tearing animals!
Since before the first human pair set foot on this earth, there were swarms of all kinds of tearing and fierce animals, as was shown to us very clearly by the wise governor in Memphis. If the first human pair, according to the teaching of the governor, would be as weak in all its life elements as the white skin people of today, how many times would they have been torn and eaten by the many herds of the wildest beasts?! They had to come to this earth from the air like the exceedingly strong giants before Shivinz was coming to Egypt, and had to be dressed in massive iron clothes and armed with the sharpest weapons, if they wanted to stand up against these beasts with their natural strength, - and even then they still would have a lot to do, to successfully combat the enormous monsters!
However, if the ancient people of this earth had similar inner life elements as we are now, they of course would not need any weapons and were masters and rulers of all animal-, plant- and element world with their soul powers!
I therefore think, because we are like this, Your words of life directed towards us, will take deep roots in our lives! And if You, o Lord, give us any laws or rules to live, we surly will live very strictly accordingly; since this we know how to do, to keep an order which we have recognized as good and true, like perhaps only very seldom any white person.
Since we have the extraordinary luck to be with You, o Lord, You Everlasting, You Creator of all spirit- and material worlds, which must be a miracle of all miracles to even Your greatest angels, we ask You through my mouth, one heart and in all complete unified mind, to add to all the wondrous things we have seen in this shortest of time, also this miracle that You will speak to us a few words!"