Jesus' Precepts and Deeds through His Three Years of Teaching

Jesus near Caesarea Philippi (cont.)

- Chapter 214 -
The self-realization of the individual.

hen I took my regular seat at the table with My disciples, Romans and Greeks, the leader came to Me and asked Me, if he with some of his companions may be present during My explanations.
I said: "Without any objection; since from now on you have to recognize your life in full! You are still in full possession of the primordial life strength of man, you are still as people, to My pleasure, complete masters of the whole of nature - all this lies in your most perfect trust and your undoubted faith and firmest will. However, you do not know your strength, just like somebody does not know the power which makes the limbs of a person move, and drives the blood in the veins, and makes the heart pulsating and forces the lungs to breath the air in and out according to the need to live and according to its inner activity in relation to more or less warmth, which mainly is produced in the blood by greater or lesser activity of the body limbs.
These are daily experiences of every person, and still nobody understands them, because nobody knows himself properly; how much less are understood your extraordinary life properties, which apparently ly deeper than only those which are actively expressing themselves in your living organism!
However, if I explain to you the deeper lying, you will understand them more easily, than when I would explaining to you the body's organism and its relation to the soul. Such cannot actually be explained, since the for you nearly countless multitude of the different organs would occupy you longer than the age of Methusalem, namely close to a thousand years, to only count them from the first to the last, not mentioning to understand the individual composition and functions of each organ and to learn the general connection, the interaction and thousands of different things of every organ.
For example: Two hairs are standing firmly next to each other. You might think that they require the same treatment, and when exchanged would also grow. With the hair on the body it cannot be done, like replanting trees, shrubs and plants in the ground! One hair only grows with a unique organism at only that place, where it occurs; at any other place it would not grow with its unique construction of its root organism.
In the human body organism exists in a highly orderly selection and for you an almost unbelievable diversity. To understand the organic construction of the human body and to know about every smallest atom and to recognize the reason of the 'so and not otherwise', one first have to be perfected in the spirit.
When the soul and the spirit have become one, than the completed and fully illuminated soul sees its body from the insight, recognizes then with one glance the very artfully build construction of the body and remembers the reason and cause of each individual even so smallest part of an organ of its body and recognizes its most effective construction. For as long a soul does not reaches its life's completion, in even thousand and again thousands of years it cannot come to a thorough recognition of the organism of her body.
But it is a completely different story with the pure spiritual ability of the soul! It can be explained to it in general terms, and it is also necessary, so that it recognizes it sooner and more easily. Since without this practical recognition, the soul could never reach a true unification with its spirit, and without it such an inner and deeper recognition of oneself is impossible.
Therefore pay attention, how I now will explain to you the right, orderly primordial life of the first human as clearly as possible!"