Jesus' Precepts and Deeds through His Three Years of Teaching

Jesus near Caesarea Philippi (cont.)

- Chapter 215 -
The outer life sphere of the human soul and the outer light sphere of the sun.

(The Lord:) "This, say, first human pair could impossibly otherwise than according to the right life order in a completed state been placed on this earth by Me. The soul-life had to appear as perfectly developed in this world, in order not to quickly fall prey to thousand times thousand other hostile creatures and elements.
The actual level being with My primordial divine being was already perfected in the first human pair, and therefore could most effectively exercise the magnificence over all creatures. However, how does such effectuation take place? Listen!
The perfect soul in the heart, is personally also in a perfect human form present in the body; but its awareness, feeling and will radiates, just like the light rays from the sun, far and in an effectuating manner in all thinkable directions. The closer to the soul, the more intensive and effective is also the continual outflow of the thinking, feeling and will.
The outer light sphere of the sun, in which this earth, the moon and a large number of all kinds of other world bodies are present, is so to speak the outer life sphere of the sun, through which everything, which is present in its realm, is awakened to a certain physical life. Therefore everything must more or less submit itself to the order of the sun, which thereby becomes a lawgiver and a lord of all other world bodies, which are present somewhere in the field of its light radiation.
One of course cannot say of the sun that it can think and will; however, its light is still a great thought, and the warmth of the light is quite a firm will, - but not from the sun, but emanating from Me and effectuating through the organic being of the sun body.
The closer a world body is to the sun, the more it must perceive effectively and decisively the life effectuating power of the outer life sphere of the sun, and must submit itself in everything, what the light and the warmth of the sun wants to produce in and on it.
Just like the sun effectuates wondrous things on the world bodies simply by its outer life sphere, an unspoiled and in its original manner perfect soul, which is full of life, thus full of love, full of believe and full of a firm will!
Such a soul is completely light and warmth and radiates far out, and this radiation then forms continuously its mighty outer life sphere. Just like My will expresses itself wonderfully effectively through the outer life sphere of the sun, and no power can oppose it, similar the will of a perfect, unspoiled soul, which - because of My order - is also My will, expresses itself in a wondrous effective way.
If I would allow it for the sun to became completely wrecked, getting destroyed in its highly artfully and wisely created exceptional organism and mechanism and its great nature-soul of all nature-souls would finally become frightened and deteriorated, and would have nothing else to do and nothing to worry about, other than getting its in little pieces wrecked body organism in order or in the worst case even abandon everything, and leave the greater pieces to dissolve on their own, what would then happen to the all enlivening outer life sphere? In its planetary region immediately the greatest chaos would occur; all vegetation and all flesh life would come to an abrupt end!
Even if the people would survive on all kinds of supplies for some time, illuminate the everlasting night for a while with torches and lamps and heat up the rooms with the available wood of forests of the earth, this could continue with the most richly provided people of this earth at the most for ten years. However, after this time surely all vegetative and creature-like life on this earth would have come to an end. All the plants would not grow anymore and would not produce any living seed anymore; the animals would not find food anymore and would perish from hunger and freeze to death because of too much cold; the earth would leave its orbit and either collide with another planet, or would after many thousand years come into the light region of another of the countless many suns, in whose light and warmth it would start to thaw up and in a changed order slowly begin to revive again, but could never return to its current, quite happy, best ordered being!
All this would be effect and result, if the sun in its being gets into a great or even greatest disarray. It would not be lord and lawgiver for the many other, smaller, orbiting world bodies anymore. They also would, as said, soon get into a horrible chaos and by their mighty fall would become hostile to the sun, what it never could prevent, since it would not possess any outer life power anymore, to either stop the untied gravitational forces of the planets or at least to temper them.
But that a not becoming and quite avoidable and only briefly occurring local disarray on the great surface, thus only on the outer skin of the sun, expresses itself immediately unfavourably, is proved by the not seldom occurring black spots, which you have seen on the sun during sun rise and sun down. Should you see such a spot only as a smallest dot, you can be sure that such disarray soon begins to express itself in a stormy and bad weather.
But why this? The sun is then so far away from earth, that a strongly shot arrow would require about fully fifty years to reach the sun; what can have an influence on the life-powerful earth, if it happens at such a distance on the sun body?
Yes, what occurs directly on the sun body, would not have an effect on earth; however, the black spot on the sun is not that small, as it looks like from this earth! In reality it is a few thousand times bigger than the whole surface of the earth. This effectuates for the highly sensitive life spirits of the earth an already noticeable lack of light and warmth. They immediately become frightened and begin to be exceedingly active, and howling storms, clouds, rain, hail and snow, at times even at the warmer countries of the earth, are the result of such a very smallest disorder on only a certain point of the sun, since the local disorder expresses itself also unfavourably on the world bodies in the external life reach of the sun through the outer life sphere of the sun, which reaches still far beyond this earth into the wide space of creation, just as the otherwise undisturbed light- and warmth order of the sun expresses itself quite favourably through the outer life sphere of the sun on the world bodies.