Jesus' Precepts and Deeds through His Three Years of Teaching

Jesus near Caesarea Philippi (cont.)

- Chapter 220 -
On reincarnation and the proper education of the human being.

(The Lord:) "What fruit would a tree bring forth, if not the heart appealing appearances of the blossom of the first fruit would lead the way? How can fall be in the place of spring and spring in place of the fall, which normally is followed by a freezing winter? Would not the frost of winter destroy the heart uplifting blossoms and kill the hope radiating leaves together with the true fruit, which first is blessed and enlivened to become a growing being by the blossom? The wood of the tree would increase, but nobody of you would see a fruit ripening on the same!
And so it is also with a person and especially with his soul! Everything becomes coarse matter, of which no fruit is forthcoming, other than those which are finally chopped off and burnt as wood in the fire of judgement, to finally at least yield some ash for the use to fertilize and clean the bad and meagre ground.
Who begins to awaken and educate his children by the mind, begins to build a house at the roof and scoops water in a bucket full of holes. It will be wet, for as long the scooper will be busy with such a vain work; however, there will never be a drop of living water left therein, and with the wonderful expressions of the soul-life there will be nothing for a long time to come. The vessel full of holes had to be blocked off one by one requiring a great deal of work, until it will hold the water. But how easily does a little not properly set plug gets bad, and in time the vessel can become completely life-water empty!
It should be understood as follows: A mind educated person can by a lot of self-denial bring it to an effective, subsequent education of the heart; but if he is not very careful and does not pay attention to the many stoppers, with which he patched up the many holes (earthly weaknesses) of his life-vessel, he will soonest convince himself, how the accumulated life-water has left him, and soon he will convince himself how he unnoticeably became the old person again, without any inner life-content!
Therefore I above all recommended to you neighbourly love, which comes from the love to God! Since only this can make from your total wrongness, again people in My order. Do not be blinded by the world; since everything it gives you, is death and judgement, a fruit of the pure mind! Only love can transform you into life!
Therefore I have come into this world, to show you the right turnaround back to My order and the right way, to stay with it until achieving the true rebirth of the spirit in the soul, after which no evil fallback is thinkable and possible anymore.
This must be introduced to you now, since those, who once became wrong, are helped only a little with the patched up turnaround of the soul. The soul first must completely turn around, before the rebirth of the spirit in the soul can take place; however, the plugged and patched up, thus on the right path brought better soul-state, is not lasting, because by the power of the world and its temporary advantages, a purely patched up soul only too easily falls back into its old accustomed wrongness.
To prevent this from happening, I have paved the new way, for My spirit, which I now place as a spark of My Father-love into the heart of each soul, becomes fed through your love to Me, and from there truly and active for the neighbour, and must grow in your soul and after reaching the right greatness and power, to fully unite with the improved soul and become one with it, which act should and shall be called the rebirth of the spirit.
Who has achieved this, is of course standing incomparable higher than an even so perfect soul on its own, who also can do a lot, however, forever not nearly all this, what is awaiting the completely reborn.
However, this spark of My love is only then placed into the heart of a human soul in full, if a person has heard My word and has accepted it in his heart faithfully and with all love as the truth; as long this is not the case, not even a most advanced perfected person can reach the rebirth of the spirit. Since without My word, which I speak to you now, the spark of My love cannot enter the heart of your soul, and if absent, it can also not grow and prosper in a soul and therefore also not be reborn.
However, in future, also the children, if signed and baptized in My word and in My name, they will receive the spirit-spark of My love in the heart of their souls; but it will not grow when educated wrongly, however, certainly with an upbringing according to My to you most clearly explained order, where above all the heart, and from there correspondingly the mind, should be educated. However, the heart is to be educated by true love and by gentleness and patience.
Teach from early on the children to love the Father in heaven, show them how good and loving He is, how He has created everything there is, most good, beautiful and wise to the best for the people, and how He is fond of especially the little children who love Him above all! At each special occasion make them attentive, that all this is arranged by the Father in heaven who makes this take place and let it happen, then you will turn the hearts of the little ones to Me, and your easy effort will soon bear you the most gold fruit, - otherwise, however, thorns and thistles, on which will grow neither grapes nor figs!
But tell Me now openly, if you now comprehend, how and for what reason these our black brothers are able to perform such deeds, which for the time being were and had to be a puzzling miracle to you!"