Jesus' Precepts and Deeds through His Three Years of Teaching

Jesus near Caesarea Philippi (cont.)

- Chapter 221 -
On right understanding and mind reading.

ays the leader of the moors: "Lord, You almighty and all wise God! I and my companions have understood You quite well; but whether also the whites, for whom You actually has given this explanation, have understood this in the right sense and in the right spirit, I of course cannot say for sure! How it seems to me, for a few, some of the things might still be unclear!
However, if somebody is still pressed by something, he will announce himself, if he is more interested about the pure recognition, than the thereby putatively forfeited mind's honour! Because also among these whites there probably will be some, who do not ask anything, since they do not want to betray their mind's weakness by the question! Now, as a black I would like to give to them the advice, to rather let go of the trifle honour of the mind and declare themselves for the pure truth, which can only result from a complete understanding, since a misunderstood truth can be for the disciples nothing better than a flat lie; since a misunderstood truth is just as unuseable to anyone than a lie!
Nobody will make actual use of a recognized lie, hence it can neither harm him nor be of any use to him; however, a misunderstood truth can also be of no use to anybody, because as misunderstood it can either brought to no use at all or at least applied wrongly, and is in such regard for the user by no means better than a blatant, perfect lie.
This would be my opinion; perhaps somebody has a better one, and I will be glad to be silent and become an attentive listener!"
Says I: "Your remark was quite good and very true. I Myself know a few here, who did not understood this My explanation deeply enough; but they are ashamed to betray the weakness of their mind by a question and are therefore rather content with half an understanding."
When I made this remark, several immediately asked, whether it was them who did not understood this marvellous explanation deep enough. But I kept quite. Then also Cyrenius asked Me quite fearful, if also he did not comprehended this truth deeply and truthfully enough.
I then said: "Not only you, but most of you! Only two of My disciples have fully understood this My Explanation about the perfect state of the soul, - all the others, with exception of the moors, not! You only have a general idea of this issue but not at all a clear conception, which with quite a few of you even the leader saw and noticed, making his remark perfectly well placed.
Yes, a primordial life perfected soul does, alongside the wondrous effectuating power as master over all creatures of this earth, also have this particular property, to recognize and even to see in specific excited moments the thoughts of people and what goes on in their hearts; since the strongly satisfied outer-life-sphere of such a person immediately recognizes this in the outer-life-sphere of another person, and therefore such soul-life-perfected persons can absolutely not be deceived. With their highly intensive outer-life-sphere they often recognize from a very far distance, what a person who approaches them, thinks or what he wants.
If an enemy approaches, such soul-life-perfected people can, by the unification of their outer-life-sphere, let him flee in panic, in the same manner as they lift a mighty tree out of the earth by the unification of their life-spheres, or transporting the immense rock, or finally as you have seen them making a fire, which straight away seized a sizeable bush and turned it in to ashes.
Therefore nobody of you should be annoyed, if the black leader tells you a few things and hits you like a best learned shooter his target; since your outer-life-sphere tells him, brightly illuminated, even your most inner thoughts, as long as they are unified with the slightest will. The pure brain thoughts, however, which are actually no thoughts, they do not recognize, since such thoughts consist only of pure little brain-board-pictures and do not have a life; but the thoughts of the heart they recognize most correctly, especially if they find themselves in a somewhat heart excited state, like now."