Jesus' Precepts and Deeds through His Three Years of Teaching

Jesus near Caesarea Philippi (cont.)

- Chapter 223 -
The power of the individual perfected in love.

(The Lord:) "You have seen the power of the combined effectuation through the unification of the outer-life-sphere of several of these now our moors! How much normal manpower would be required, to lift such a tree like the old cedar there, including the heavy earth lump?! How much natural manpower could have moved or rolled this very large and exceedingly heavy rock from its former place?! The few moors have pushed or actually carried it in front of your eyes through the air! From this undeniable fact you had to conclude, what power and strength must ly in the unified outer-life-sphere of a nature-perfected soul!
If already these moors, who didn't know anything about the power and strength of My name, could have performed such extraordinary things by only the power of their unified outer-life-sphere of their nature-perfected souls, how much bigger things should you be able to perform, if you could work through My word and through the almighty spirit of My Love in your unified outer-life-spheres of your perfected souls!
Truly, truly, I say to you: Not only such trees and rocks, but you could move whole mountains, if you according to the clear insight of your wise hearts regard it as necessary; however, whatever is necessary, you would certainly in every moment get to know through My spirit in you, which is always present through My always living word in the heart of your souls!
Would this not be an extremely desirable state of a perfected person in My name, and even more desirable of a whole society or even a nation?
Its possible effectuation lies before your eyes, and it is therefore extremely necessary, that you as My closest disciples completely recognizes this most important state in you and to also teach all other people in the right manner to recognize this! Since who has a light, should not put it underneath a basket, where it's the darkness illuminating rays are of no use to anybody, but the light should be put on a clear table, from where it can illuminate all present!
Indeed, it is easy to put a natural light on a table! With the light for heart and soul it is surely incomparable more difficult; however, a good and firm will brings also this about, and with My certain help in such most important matters of life, even with less effort than you might think. Of course, everybody must first own what he wants to give to his neighbour, otherwise he resembles a blind who wants to lead another blind; if they finally reach a ditch, both will fall into it!
Hopefully I now have sufficiently explained to you the greatest importance of such a state of the true life-strength of a perfected human soul and have also showed to you the greatest importance of a full self-recognition, which with children must be brought about by a correct upbringing, and can be accomplished to the largest extend in already spoiled people who are not to be blamed for it, by the right measure of humility and patience and mainly through the true, active love to God and therefrom to the neighbour. The deeds of the soul life strong moors, which should lead you to the right self-recognition, I already have explained to you, which you, however, have not sufficiently understood in all its life depth. It is therefore now up to you, for the sake of the importance of the matter, to ask and by the question express yourself, where and what you are still lacking!
You first must vividly feel what you are lacking, otherwise you could never be concerned about it with your freest will; because if someone has lost something and he doesn't know about it, - will he ever begin to search for what he has lost? One therefore has to feel quite vividly that one has lost something, and of what it consists of what is lacking, and also must recognize the great value of what is lost, otherwise one will not begin to search with the necessary living zeal!"