Jesus' Precepts and Deeds through His Three Years of Teaching

Jesus near Caesarea Philippi (cont.)

- Chapter 228 -
The proper development of the brain.

(The Lord:) "For as long the soul lives inside the body, the brain stays the main viewing organ of the soul. If it is correctly developed, the soul will clearly and correctly see the life pictures risen from the heart and engraved into the brain and will also think, conclude and act accordingly; even if the soul in certain enraptured moments is able to have a vision for herself out of the pit of the stomach by the laying on of hands by a person with a strong faith and will, like Zorel was an example for you, it is of little or no use to her for the real life, because in the dark dwelling of her flesh life she cannot have even the slightest recollection of it.
Wherever the brain of the head (the brain of the physical head) is not involved during any means of viewing and observation of the soul, the soul will have no recollection of it, perhaps only a vague notion; since this, what the soul adsorbs into her brain (the substantial-soul-like brain), she cannot see, just like the body does not have a sight which could see on the inside, everything which is engraved in pictures on the many little brain boards taken in by the eyes and ears. This can only be seen by the soul, which is inside of everything flesh.
However, what is left correspondingly in the soul-like brain, the soul cannot see with her eyes and not hear with her ears, since her eyes and ears are directed only outwardly like those of the body; the corresponding pictures of the soul-like brain can only be viewed by the spirit in the soul, which is also the reason why a person can only then recognized something purely spiritual, if the spirit has fully awakened in the soul and penetrated it.
However, what is inside the spirit, is recognized by Me and out of Me again in the spirit, which is with Me or My spirit identical; since it is My effigy in the soul, like the sun places its full effigy into a mirror.
Thus, for as long a soul lives inside her body, a properly developed body brain is absolutely necessary for a truthful, bright viewing; but a spoiled brain is of no use to her for any spiritual viewing, just as the viewing through the pit of the stomach is of no use to her, because she has no recollection of it, as shown earlier. Even if it remains stuck in her spiritual brain forever, she still has no eye and no ear for it, what only has the awakened spirit in her.
If therefore the brain is properly developed out of the heart according to My order and the spiritual life pictures, which are a light, are engraved into the small brain boards before the material pictures, the subsequent outside-world pictures are enlightened and become in all its parts easily understandable and are comprehended according to the true wisdom. And this therefrom penetrating light does not only fill the entire human organism, but streams in spiritual bright rays far beyond it and by that forms the outer-life-sphere, with which a person, when it in time has necessarily become more dense and powerful, can effectuate in the outer world wondrous things even without the rebirth of the spirit, as you have seen such with our moors.
If, however, the brain of a person have been developed wrongly, and on its little brain boards are only sticking matt silhouettes, for which the soul finally has to use all her life light to be able to see them and to recognize them only very superficially by their extreme outlines, the soul never can become illuminating, so that she from her abundance of light can form an outer-life-sphere.
Only by the proper humility, by the most strongest love for God and to the neighbour and by a special striving for spiritual things, the material pictures in the brain become illuminated and are thereby turned into spiritual objects, and the brain is thereby brought to some order, - however, during its life in the body never to such order, as you have seen it with these moors.
But it doesn't matter; since one reborn from you is for Me more pleasing than 99 of such nature perfect souls, who never needed penance. Since My true children must grow strong from their weaknesses!
Have you, My Cyrenius, understood this all quite well, and are your questions answered?"