Jesus' Precepts and Deeds through His Three Years of Teaching

Jesus near Caesarea Philippi (cont.)

- Chapter 232 -
The structure of the human brain.

(The Lord:) "But now lets see, if we are able to obtain a little brain board for your better understanding! Indeed, we could obtain a couple of natural human heads from Rome by Raphael - since just now two main criminals have been beheaded in Rome, even on the Capitol! -, but with those skulls of villains it would help us only a little or nothing at all!
It thus should happen, that the angel should bring us four completely white and totally pure pebbles from any stream. From this we will try to present a human brain, as good this is possible with matter. - Raphael, go and bring what is required!"
Raphael was suddenly invisible, for about seven moments long; but then all of a sudden he was again with us and placed four completely snow white pebbles in front of us, this is in front of Me, on the table. Two were larger and two smaller, corresponding to the larger front head brain for illuminated pictures and the smaller back head brain for the signs of sound.
When the stones lay before Me in the right order, I touched them, and they became transparent like a purest rock crystal. Thereupon I breathed at them and they parted in to millions of four sided little pyramids, each one consisting out of three outer surfaces and the base surface.
The two stones setup on My right represented the brain in a right order and the two to My left the brain with a wrong order, caused by a wrong upbringing and by other later bad influences, as it is normally the case among the people.
However, there were not any pyramids visible, but alongside the few pyramids nearly all the stereo-metric forms, figures and types occurring in the art of measuring were visible, what could be seen even more precisely, when I, by breathing at the presented brain copies, enlarged them ten times, so that now four very large heaps were lying well arranged in front of the eyes of the most highly surprised disciples on the table, which Raphael rather quickly had to enlarge considerably for this purpose.
I said: "Now you can look at the surface forms of all four brain heaps separately and well distinguishable!
See, here to the right the large brain of the forehead consisting of many quite real pyramids, and also the small brain of the back head with the same pyramids, - they are just three times smaller, but for the reception of all the air vibration figures for the soul, still sufficiently large enough.
However, also look at the two heaps to My left! There are already quite a number of different forms, like mentioned earlier, and nowhere they fit properly together; soon here and soon there, there is a hollow space and gives rise to all kinds of wrong reflections, as you will really see it happening later on. The back head, very similar as the forehead, has also three times smaller surface forms then the forehead. - Just look at the shapes!"
Now all are coming closer to look at the artificially in an enlarged scale presented brains formed from the four pebbles, where until now only the little pyramid board shapes are shown, without the inner chamber separations and without the connection of the little brain boards among each other.
(The Lord:) "When all have gathered a possibly clear concept of this, I will divide the little brain boards into chambers by breathing at them again, and will connect the little boards of each chamber according to polarity and also the chambers themselves and also the forehead with the back head, so that thereby the little brain boards, no matter of which type they are, can receive pictures and signs."
Cyrenius cannot recover from all the amazement and finally says: "Ah, now there is a light in me! The ancient Egyptians, who built there schools in the shape of pyramids, were most likely still primordial perfected soul people, thus inwardly full of light, and therefore could see their body's organic construction! These pyramid shapes, which are so important for the recognition of people, had to be visible to them, and therefore have chosen this shape to build their most extraordinary schoolhouses. Yes, they also would have seen and studied the construction of each brain board pyramid in great detail, and would also have given each pyramid inwardly the same construction in the largest scale, as they have found the organic construction of the brain board pyramids to be!
Therefore such a pyramid had inwardly such a large number of all kinds of passages and chambers which even an already most learned person could impossibly decipher for which the one or other was good! Lord, did I judged this correctly?!"
Says I: "Completely right and correct; since it was like this, and the Egyptians therefore also, especially inwardly, have drawn all kinds of signs and scriptures and pictures on the walls, which correspondingly represented all kind of things, which man on this earth in the flesh has to go through and fight for, and how he has to recognize himself and how true love is the centre of all life."