Jesus' Precepts and Deeds through His Three Years of Teaching

Jesus near Caesarea Philippi (cont.)

- Chapter 233 -
The connection of the frontal lobe with the posterior brain lobe.

(The Lord:) "But now I will breathe at the brain heaps again, and you will see something similar to the two obelisks (tapered pillars) in front of the pyramids. The tapered pillars, however, were used for another purpose than the two little pillars in front of each little brain pyramid board; since the tapered pillars were only an indication that wisdom can be searched for inside the pyramids, to which of course only proven purified people were allowed to enter.
The two little spikes in front of the little brain board surfaces, of which each little brain pyramid contains eight, are writing pencils, which by means of the movement of specific accompanying cerebral nerves, which are connected in an extremely artistic and organic-mechanically manner to the sight- and hearing nerves, the little boards are either written on according to a certain order or are illustrated with still other corresponding spiritual illuminated pictures.
Pay special attention to everything that will happen! We are going to fill these writing pencils with a lymph and start our observations with the orderly brain! - I want it that these little boards of this brain are properly illustrated in an orderly manner, like coming from the heart, with respect to the visual- as well as the hearing part.
Now all directed their eyes with the greatest attention possible to our brain apparatus. I of course had to create the illuminated pictures also with the material bright light, otherwise with the light of the soul, My disciples with their eyes of the flesh, would be seeing as much as nothing. - What is it that the most attentive observers can see?
They observed how from the spikes reddish and blueish little stars spread over the little brain boards, namely in such order, that a quite sharp eye from these countless little stars on the little brain boards began to observe all kinds of the most wondrous little pictures.
I of course effectuated for this moment that the eyes of the observers for some moments became the strongly enlarged property of a microscope, which was here absolutely necessary, because otherwise the observers would not have seen a great deal of these wondrous illuminated sign pictures and -shapes. The earlier tenfold enlargement of the little brain pyramids would not have been sufficient. Since they now could see the little brain boards a thousand times enlarged, they could see quite a lot.
I now asked Cyrenius, what he could see. And he said: "Lord, wonder over wonder! From the very moveable and from the many organs over the whole length and all over the existing pre-pyramid obelisks, there were continuously streaming a large number of little stars of a light-red and light-blue colour. Both the little feel horns of each of the four pyramid surfaces are incessantly active and travel with their spark-spraying points continuously on the pyramid surface facing them around with all assiduity and strew them with the little stars. One should think that from this apparently pointless and like accidental travelling on the three-sided-board nothing else than a scribbling is achieved; however, like growing by itself all kinds of proper pictures are forming and are lovely to look at.
Now I notice that the two pillars are coming to rest once a surface has been fully illustrated. It is nearly unbelievable that these thousand times thousand signs and little pictures could have been drawn by the two living drawing pens on one such triangular board within such a short time! The shapes are still very small, although we can see such a surface in a full man's height; but these little pictures and little signs are so purified that one cannot imagine anything more pure and perfect.
But why there are no little pictures to see on the little back brain boards which are very similar to those in the forehead? I see nothing then pure lines, dots and other hook-shaped signs, which I cannot understand. What does this mean?"
Says I: "These are signs of sounds and signs of words; they nevertheless are not standing on their own, but always are connected by polarity with the surface of a little forehead brain board, and the sound or concept, which is drawn on the little boards of the back brain by means of lines, dots and other hook-shaped signs, is in the same moment also drawn on normally the downward facing pyramid-surfaces of the forehead as a corresponding little picture and as such presented to the soul for easy recognition.
And to achieve this, a lot of nerve threads must be spun from each little brain pyramid of the back brain to the corresponding little pyramid of the forehead, otherwise nobody could have a clear perception of a described concept regarding a with words described area or activity.
Inarticulate sound, also music, are not transferred, therefore no person can imagine a picture or anything else under a sound or under a harmony or a melody; because, as said, such sounds are not copied onto the little brain boards of the forehead, but stay independently on a corresponding pyramid surface of the back brain as lines, dots and little hooks.
From the with pure sound filled back brain pyramid surfaces, however, nerve threads are running through the spinal marrow to the nerves of the stomach (ganglions) and from there to the heart, which is the reason that music, when completely pure, mainly effects the heart, seizes it and makes it not seldomly tender and soft-feeling.
However, forthcoming and rising from the heart, sound can still by the light of love as the little stars be drawn by the two little obelisks onto the little brain boards in shapes, and are not seldom true way pointers for the soul in the large halls of life of the spirit, and because of this reason a right and very pure music can be very helpful for a soul to unite with its spirit. Therefore learn and teach also the pure music, like once David pursued!
That a purest music can do this, you can also derive from the fact, that you can place on the same locality enemies and friends, and then resound among them the purest music, and instead of the enemies you soon will see only cheerful friends. However, this effect is only brought about by the purest music; an impure and dirty music effectuates exactly the opposite.
You have now seen, how also sound on a detour still can be presented to the soul as something visible, although - not as material pictures, but still as higher spiritual shapes in the form of all kinds of signs, as one can also find similar ones on the old memorials of Egypt. I think, that what have been presented so far should be quite clear to you, and therefore I will not add anything to it, except that all this only occurs in a well arranged and unspoiled brain, fed by the orderly pre-developed heart, where the little brain boards are firstly illustrated with the light with all kinds of soul-like and spiritual shapes."