Jesus' Precepts and Deeds through His Three Years of Teaching

Jesus near Caesarea Philippi (cont.)

- Chapter 234 -
The connection between the sensory organs and the brain.

(The Lord:) "Since we now have observed and understood this quite important preliminary work, we must, to understand the matter fully, also direct a few glances to this, how finally also the soul impregnates onto the same little brain boards the pictures from the material world.
Look here, the pictures coming through the eyes, should also be impregnated into the little brain boards! - I want it, and it happens!
Look now at especially the pencils or obelisks in front of two surfaces, how they suddenly have become very dark! It looks like if they have been filled with a very dark juice, and see, already all of us, while speaking, are drawn, line by line onto the little brain boards, alongside the trees and everything else what we can see! But not only unilaterally and dead, but three dimensional and like alive!
Every movement we make, is here like thousand times thousand times reproduced, and still an earlier or also thousand earlier positions, stays recorded in the inner chambers of the pyramids, always visible to the eye of the soul, because it is always illuminated by the spiritual-soul-like light; and this gives effect to what we partly call 'memory' and partly call 'recollection', since it is recorded inside the brain pyramids. This, however, is multiplied by way of multitude reflexions, in such a way, that one can carry one and the same object uncountable times in oneself.
In this manner, every person, carries in his soul and still unpronounceable more in his spirit, the whole creation from the largest to the smallest, since it has been taken from there.
If he looks at the stars or the moon or the sun, all this is anew drawn in his brain organs in the manner shown to you, and the soul looks at it and is quite pleased about it, and what has been seen is along the way of multitude reflexions engraved according to the right desire of the soul into the inner and most inner of the little brain pyramids, of course in a significant smaller scale, and can always be found again by the soul and perfectly looked at.
All signs from the sphere of the outer world appear on their own as dark pictures; but the illuminated pictures from a better life sphere are standing behind them, and thereby they also in all parts are sufficiently illuminated, so that the soul in her inner most composition can look, study and understand them.
In addition the forehead brain is continuously mainly connected to the smell- and taste nerves, like the back brain with the general feel nerves. They also leave on specific little brain boards certain markings, from which the soul immediately and very easily recognizes, how for example the one or other flower or ointment smells, or how this or that food, fruit or this and that drink tastes and also smells; since the construction is as such, that each little smell- and taste board is strictly connected by very sensitive nerves to one or other little object board.
As soon as a known smell gets the smell nerves moving, it at the same time represents itself on the corresponding smell- or taste board, and from there the corresponding object board is immediately exited, and by that the soul quickly and easily recognizes, with which smell or taste she is dealing with. In the same manner the occurrence, in shape and composition, by which a feeling has been stirred, is represented to the soul by the general sense of feel of the back head. However, all this only takes place, as shown here, with a highly orderly brain; with the other disorderly brain we will find here and there nearly no distant resemblances with this orderly brain, of which we soon will convince ourselves factually and practically.
You will observe this second brain in its table construction and the irregularity of the main- and secondary chamber divisions, as already a mixture of all kinds of stereo-metric shapes, among them discs, balls, spheroids and other mushy lumps. The obelisks in front of the surfaces are mainly not visible; and where they are still visible, they appearing like completely atrophied and are seldomly of any same seize and strength!
How can such a brain be useful to any soul? This brain, like it is presented to you now, came, because of reasons shown to you, as already wrecked out of the mothers womb. We will soon see, which course it will follow regarding the usual worldly education and to which end and destination it will lead. All of you pay close attention to it!"