Jesus' Precepts and Deeds through His Three Years of Teaching

Jesus near Caesarea Philippi (cont.)

- Chapter 235 -
The unspoiled and the spoiled brain.

sks Cyrenius somewhat surprised: "Lord, has this brain which You in a wondrous way have brought here with Your almightiness, also been spoiled in a mothers womb by the sensuous-lascivious after coitus?"
Says I: "But friend, what a question from you! Didn't I told you before, that all this has only been presented as it exists in reality? Who could ever think that this artificially presented brain for the sake of the lecture, could in all seriousness ever be spoiled in a mother's womb?! It only looks like it and therefore I said: This brain came already wrecked, as it shows, from the mother's womb! This is only a somewhat more precise dictation for the sake of better understanding and is therefore only a reproduced reality, but not a genitive, true reality! - Is this now clear to you?"
Says Cyrenius: "Lord, forgive me my great stupidity; I already realize it!"
Says I: "This I knew already, that you will realize this; but to this your most silly question you were mislead by a reminiscent worldly splash in your brain, and you can see from that, what sort of wisdom all so called worldly cleverness can offer a soul thirsting for the truth!
All questions of the world-wise are in fact beyond all measure silly; what will then become of the answers which other world-wise give to the questioning world-wise? If their light is already night and darkness, how intense night and darkness will then their true night and darkness be!
Therefore be aware of all wisdom of the world; since I say to you, that it is many times more dark and evil, than what the high-respected world-wisdom calls stupidity! Since a worldly stupid person can easily be helped, while a really from the roots world-wise cannot be helped at all or only through very difficult measures. You ask silly-wise if the actual world-wisdom cannot be helped at all? This lies with this second, spoiled brain clearly before you!
Look at this on the right set up primordial orderly and completely unspoiled brain! Which clarity in its pictures! Everything light and light, and all shapes, including their outer framing, as well as its inner organic construction, can all be seen in the highest clarity and is fully developed! What clear concepts and images must such a soul obtain from all the things and relations! How wise and how in every respect life-powerful does such a person is standing there! Who of the number of the many world children can measure up to him?! What a primordial soul can do, you earlier had the opportunity to observe with these blacks!
However, now we have a spoiled brain in front of us and we will see, how this by an additional, most bad and most wrong upbringing will be spoiled even more, and by that you will more than clearly recognize, how completely fruit- and wisdomless such a world-wisdom compares to a true, heavenly organized wisdom! Just look at the chaos of such a brain! Nowhere an orderly coherence; here and there only a crippled little brain pyramid! The whole story looks rather like a gravel heap than a brain!
The brain obtains such a shape already in the mother's womb! What should become of such a person in future, what progress will he make in the true school of life with such a brain?! Yes, if it was left at that and one would start with a careful education of the heart for about ten years! But where is the education of the heart?! It is not thought of anymore, and in the higher standing classes of nations it is completely absent! The lower classes of nations, however, do not know anyhow anything better about a soul- or life development than the dear animals of the woods, and their properties resemble completely those ancient inhabitants of the woods, who feed and live off the robbery and blood of other more gentle animals."