Jesus' Precepts and Deeds through His Three Years of Teaching

Jesus near Caesarea Philippi (cont.)

- Chapter 237 -
The effects of a spiritually dark brain.

(The Lord:) "Or place a still so bright mirror in a totally dark cellar, and ask yourself if the objects in the cellar will reflect on it? You will, if familiar with the cellar, with the senses of touch be able to observe the objects present according to type and recognize them even without a light; but you will place a mirror in vain into the dark cellar, since without a light it will never provide your eyes with a fine effigy of things in the cellar.
It is the same case with a person with a worldly educated, spoiled and dark brain. From there no ray of light carrying the corresponding spiritual forms can go over from the dark material brain to the soul-like, thus already spiritual brain, and the totally stunted little brain boards of the soul are staying in themselves dark and empty; even if the light of the spirit would be falling on the little boards, it would serve the spirit and the soul equally as much as if someone would place a light in a completely empty, white painted room.
What will he see in it? Nothing than empty walls! What studies would he be able to conduct therein? Certainly no other than those of a despairing boredom! And grasping the meaning he will say to himself: 'Out, with you and your light from this empty room; since there is nothing! Let the light shine there where there is something to illuminate! With the light something must be effectuated, why illuminating four empty walls, which, full of light or without light, are still empty?!'
If the eye light of the spirit looks at the little brain boards of the soul, and they are empty, then no light of a spiritual eye can penetrate anymore, and it stays dark therein as good as forever! If, however, it is undeniable so and not otherwise, where should a soul in the beyond get the building material from to build a world where she can live in? How will she do this? You think that I also be able to help such a poor soul? O yes, but never by a kind of weak, human, too early mercy, but only according to My unchanging order, which, however has, as generally known, extremely long and full of the highest patient arms!
Only after reaching the highest culmination point of the highest distress, in which the soul through the powerful pressure of all desperation will go over into a kind of glowing illumination, will out of the highest fear of her heart, thus out of her most binding heart, like from a all consuming fire essence little glowing sparks rise to her brain, and therefrom shadow pictures of her distress, her torture, her torment, her pain, her misery, her powerlessness, her desolation will form on her little brain boards; only then will she obtain some most meagre ideas and after long periods of time will she be able, to begin, to form from such pitiful pictures a most meagre world to live in!
But nobody will envy her about such property, and again it will take a long time, until such a soul will effectuate an improvement of her conditional world of living. For that many violent means to actively enliven her heart will be required repeatedly! Only from the many and many distressful circumstances will such a soul obtain a copy of the at least many sad looking concepts in her about herself, and will thereof, thus on her own ground and in her own manner begin to bring order to herself, upon which she not that easily anymore can fall into the utmost distress and desperation!
Now this, one already can with respect call a capital and an own harvest; but still, what limitation therein, what leanness and how insecure!
If someone would leave little children, not yet able to speak, in a dense forest, it would be possible that the one or other would survive in the woods. Assume that a little male and a little female would have made it, because they were placed right below a figtree whose fruit falling into their lap, would initially feed them until a certain age, when they, as complete wildlings, would start to also look for other food! They grow up and reach an adult age, father children, and within a few centuries a nation is formed; however, they would stay without any education and any revelation from above!
Go to such a nation and inform yourself about its education, and you will convince yourself, that you will, instead of people, encounter animals who will be much wilder and more tearing than all tigers, hyenas, wolves and bears! Among them you will not find a language, but only an imitation of all kinds of sounds of nature, whereby they indicate to each other only their greed and their most rawest intentions. They will eat any foreign people, animals and fruit raw - and when really hungry also themselves. Their activity will consist only in hunting for food.
Only again after a few centuries they will have reached the borders of their country large rainforests and will make contact with any educated nation, who will drive them back into the forest and some will be taken prisoners and being educated, and assume that after repeated such cases and the return of some of the previously imprisoned, however now educated fellow countrymen, the whole tribe will in time get somewhat educated, which of course is still a far cry from any spiritual education!
How long will such a nation still have to work, until they have achieved only an at least outer worldly culture, and still how long until your current spiritual level, meaning along the natural way when left only to themselves!"