Jesus' Precepts and Deeds through His Three Years of Teaching

Jesus near Caesarea Philippi (cont.)

- Chapter 241 -
The question on the origin of sin.

t the same time also Oubratouvishar comes to Me and says: "Lord, Lord, didn't the white brothers know about what You just now have explained to them so wisely? With us, all praise to You, even our children know this; since they all can look into themselves and always have a great joy, if they can tell us something about the beautiful gardens which they from time to time can see in themselves. What have these white brothers done, that they are unable to make these most important observations? If they are lacking these most important abilities, then they are not real people anymore, but big apes, like they exist in our land, except for their more developed ability of speech!
We all were quite astonished when You came forward with explanations about these brains, which are even more familiar to us than our dwellings at home. We are of course not knowledgeable about the whole organic construction of our body, but our brain we know from point to point. With us there are still many little empty boards, since we have nothing to fill them all; but the ones which have been drawn, are just like the ones of the right brain and are entirely in Your order as You sufficiently and clearly have explained. However, I truly still want to know, how these people cannot see this in themselves, what to us black skin people forever is clearly visible! What have they done? Who has laid the foundation to such downfall? Someone must have at one stage laid a bad foundation; but who, why and at what opportunity?"
Says I: "Who the actual originator is, you should not ask about! Since some things are hidden in the council of God, what the people on this earth do not need to know to the bottom! If man only knows and recognizes what above all is necessary for him to do according to My order! If he does this, for what he has the guiding laws, given from the heavens, everything will be in the best order with him; everything else, however, every person who loves God above all and his neighbour like himself, and thereby is reborn in the spirit, will get to know entirely.
The only concern now is, whether the white brothers have understood all this quite well, and that the person, who feels a gap in himself, asks what is still foreign to him, and it will then be as brightly as possible explained to him. This is what above all is now necessary! This, however, what you have asked about, will be made known to everybody in due time, once he reaches the rebirth of the spirit."
With that Oubratouvishar is quite content and converses thereafter with his companions in his own language.
For once Mathael comes forward and says: "Lord, You our live, You our love, since You have allowed to ask, I ask in the name of my father-in-law, my dear wife and in the name of my four companions, that You give us a proper light about a small dark point in this matter! This is a kind of legal question, and I believe that towards You every person, when he has come to use his reason, is entitled to ask in all modesty. Man is originally not his own, but only Your work, what all heavens forever cannot deny!
It seems to me that especially regarding the guidance of the spirits or actually very spoiled souls in the beyond, that with Your love- and almighty means the road to recovery is a little too long winding and harsh! It is true, that in this regard You have showed and explained to us already many things to clearly justify Your once from eternity set up and fixed divine order; however, above all, this true legal question still forces to come up:
Can the apple help it, if the storm tears it off the branch, or can a splintered tree help it, that he became the target of a destructive lightening, or can the calm sea help it, that it is whipped up by the fury of a hurricane to mountain high waves?! What can the rattlesnake help it that its bite is deadly?! And the belladonna has not given the poison to herself! Everywhere one wedge is driving the next, and in the end no one can help it to be driven!
A large piece becoming loose is falling down from a high rock face and creates a devastation among a coincidentally grazing herd of sheep at the foot of the wall. Who is the guilty party to pay for the damage? If I have tripped over a stone at night and finally fell, who is guilty in this case, - the night, the rock, or my eyeless foot? In short there exist a great many of the most difficult questions, where in all cases a mutual violation of the individual primordial natural right becomes tangible visible! In principle, from where does it originates?
Something similar I noticed with people. These blacks are still in possession of the primordial human properties, - we whites did not have the slightest idea about it until this day! Yes, why not? It says: because of our spoiled souls, and the soul in turn had to be spoiled, because the brain of man was already spoiled in the mother's womb and later on by a still totally wrong upbringing! And I clearly have to support the question of Oubratouvishar and also say: Yes, yes, mankind is evil and spoiled down to the bottom; but who spoiled them originally, and who allowed them to become spoiled? According to such spoil people can only want something which is completely wrong and therefore can never become better, but only get worse and more wretched!"