Jesus' Precepts and Deeds through His Three Years of Teaching

Jesus near Caesarea Philippi (cont.)

- Chapter 247 -
On being possessed. The slow spreading of the gospel.

ays Mathael: "Yes, Lord, this is completely clear to me now; but I also was together with my four companions very bad, I was a devil, nevertheless Your almighty will has cured me quickly, and because of this, I did not have lost my memory about my previous life! How did this happened? Your omnipotence has helped us instantly!"
Says I: "Yes, My friend, this was a completely different case; there not your souls, but only your bodies were corrupted, so that in its intestines a lot of evil spirits had nested! They seized the physical organism to such an extend, that they could rule therein as they pleased, and your souls retreated in the mean time, since they were no match against the great number of spirits, and had to allow the spirits to rule the body, as they wanted.
Thereby your souls did not suffered the slightest damage; since such possessions are only allowed there, where a body is inhabited by a soul which already has developed to such a degree, that the evil, still very unripe soul-spirits from the beyond, cannot harm her.
There My most gentle expression of power is sufficient, to expel thousand times thousand such souls out of the body, of which another example to follow later today will convince you. Once the spirits are out of the body, you will of course feel a significant weakness in the body, which prevails for as long, until the soul has taken complete control over the entire body's organism again. If this act is completed, the body is then ruled again by the old, completely healthy soul; in that case only the body is helped by My omnipotence, but not the soul. However, where a soul is corrupted by her own will, My omnipotence cannot help, but only love, teachings and patience, since each soul must start building by itself and must perfect herself with the material supplied to her. - Do you understand this now? If there is still anything unclear to you, just keep on asking; since now is the time of complete clarification about everything, and you require a lot of light, to properly illuminate all the others in their dark chambers of life!"
Says Mathael: "Lord, the only wisest and most loving from eternity! I am now in the clearest light and believe that there is only little darkness left in the life chambers of my soul; but where some of the others are standing, You, o Lord, will be of course the only one to know! There will exist some little dark chambers with my father-in-law and with my wife; but with Your mercy and help I will faithfully fill in what is missing!"
Says I: "Do just that; since your father-in-law and your wife were until now still heathens, but heathens of the best kind, of which I can say: There one is dearer to Me than a thousand descendants of Israel in Jerusalem and also in the other twelve cities of the whole promised land! Since all those do not want to hear nor to know anything about a close God; they prefer a somewhere infinitely far away God, since in their coarse stupidity they think, that a somewhere endless far standing God can be easier deceived than a God nearby!
O the coarsest misconception among the Jews in this world! However, what else can one do, than with all patience and even with the sacrifice of one's own flesh life, if it would become necessary, to guide the people by teachings and corresponding deeds back to the primordial light of all being and life?!
And this is now My self applied task for you, and yours to your fellow-men will follow! Of course you should not give in to the hope that all this will already take place within the next few years! I say to you: Within a thousand years and above, more than half the population of this earth will not have heard one syllable of this My word!
But it does not do too much harm to the matter; since also in the beyond this gospel is preached to the spirits of all the regions of the world. However, still be full of zeal here; since the right childhood of God for My most inner and purest heaven of love, can only be achieved here! For the first and also second heaven can still be taken care of in the beyond."