Jesus' Precepts and Deeds through His Three Years of Teaching

Jesus near Caesarea Philippi (cont.)

- Chapter 249 -
The creation of signs in the spreading of the Lord's teaching.

(The Lord:) "I also could effectuate signs for Jerusalem, so that the whole of Jerusalem would be overrun to such an extend that they would not think for two moments long to really forge themselves in the believe to Me; but what faith would that be? This would be a slave believe out of fear and awe and would be a judgement to the people, in which they could not find themselves anymore in several thousands of years!
Since a blind, fanatic believe, if based on truth or a lie, does not have any inner value for life, and is subsequently difficult to remove from any nation caught by it. And as long a nations lives in a fanatic faith, it stands spiritually in judgement and thereby in the deepest soul slavery, and it cannot be helped, not here nor in the beyond, except by a long winding education through words and deeds and by a most thoroughly and at the same time most understandable explanation of all wondrous things, which actually kept the nation's soul captive.
The best means, however, is the establishment of bad, false and lying priests, who, with every God's teaching have sprung from the earth like mushrooms and who later forced themselves onto the people as substitutes of the divine, - first of course as wise and gentle reprimanders, teachers, comforters and supporters, and later, when they really became the favourites of the people, but then already as judges, punishers and rulers even above the thrones of kings!
Now, it then happens quite often, that the people find out about their evil doings, and the old, spoiled, fanatic believe begins to decay and gets increasingly greater tears and holes; and irrespective how much zealous repair is carried out, it is to no avail, and soon there are only a few left, who at the next best opportunity would exchange the torn, narrow dress for a new one. But until a nation has been brought to that point, it requires at least a few thousand years!
Therefore be extremely careful when spreading My teaching, to make sure that you do not enforce it onto anybody, nor by the sword and even less so by extraordinary signs! The wound of the sword can be healed, however, the wound of a too garish miraculous sign, nearly never.
Wherever the word is sufficient, do not effectuate any signs; since until now they have always been the means of the false prophet, by which they always have made the blind nations even more blind, as they were before. By that I of course do not want to say, that even in an emergency you should not effectuate any signs! You will come to all kind of heathens, whose priests quite well understand how to perform miracles and make all kinds of prophecies, which are always fulfilled by either a finely put, ambiguous dictation, or by widely branched, pre-arranged means, of which all of it is an inspiration by Satan and his angels, and expresses itself in the evil will and want of the people.
Towards such arch-false prophets it is the right place, to either effectuate a powerful countersign, or to explain to the better part of the population the false miracles of its priests as thoroughly as possible; thereby at least the better part of the nation begins to become strongly suspicious about its priests, and you have virtually won the game.
Only then you also can effectuate an always charitable sign, by healing all kinds of ill people by laying on of hands in My name, and here and there satisfying the hungry and thirsty, also here and there preventing a disastrous storm by only calling on My name against the evil-charged clouds in the air, which at such opportunities are filled with the dirtiest and worst kind of spirits. Thereby you will not imprison anybody's soul like with chains, but lead them completely freely, like a good shepherd leads his lambs, who are pleased to follow him each step of the way voluntarily, since they only expect many good things from him.
Now you know, My dear Mathael, how you fully according to My will have to proceed with the spreading of My teaching by word and deeds with the nations over which you will rule in future, and likewise also your four companions!"