Jesus' Precepts and Deeds through His Three Years of Teaching

Jesus near Caesarea Philippi (cont.)

- Chapter 250 -
Difficulties in the spreading of the pure teaching.

(The Lord:) "You will especially in the northern parts of your kingdom, which at one stage will become the greatest on this earth, meet with extremely dark heathens, with whom it will be very difficult to bring the light of truth to them; but do not treat them with the power given to you with too much force! You can, where it is necessary, approach them with the right seriousness, but certainly not with the sword or with too obvious signs; the sword would only externally take away from them the old, deeply rooted superstition, but would confirm it internally even more bitterly. And with too garish signs you would only achieve the exchange of one fanaticism with another! Since those nations, who would see your signs, would soon become the greatest enemies of their still none-believing neighbours and pursue them with fire and sword, and the old-believers would do the same to the new-believers. What would be achieved by that?
However, since My teaching is a true message of peace from heaven, it should not bring discord, animosity and war to the people and nations of this earth! This should be avoided as much as possible. To avoid this by Me, I only had to bring you firmly under the power of My omnipotent will, upon which you of course would be unable to act and think differently as determined by My measured will; however, what would then become of your own free will?! And if I wanted this, it would never be necessary for Me to enter the flesh of this world; since My eternal omnipotence could have seized you without this flesh and could force you, to speak and act this and that, just like it was possible to have driven the prophets at one stage. However, would that be of any use to you? You would thereby have become perfect nature-souls like these blacks here, but not likely perfect children of God.
Therefore, however, that you yourself could become perfectly free preachers of My word for all times of times, I came in the flesh to you on this earth, where I have founded the plant-school for My children for the whole of infinity, so that you as My free children can also freely learn from My mouth the teaching, to assess it and also to spread it further among the nations of the earth; and who will accept it freely in its purity, will also thereby freely earn the claim to the most blessed childhood of God.
However, who took on this teaching not voluntarily, but where it was forced upon him by whatever means, will not have a claim to the childhood of God for as long he will not out of his very own initiative, either here or also in the beyond, will start to worry about My pure word and voluntary make it his life's guideline.
I unfortunately can see it, who sad things in general will turn out with also this My teaching within a few years, after I have returned home. But I also can see how it will be maintained sun pure in small societies until the end of all times of this earth! And this is a great refreshment of My most true father heart. However, what happens in general should not bother you at all; since from the many pigs you will never raise philosophers. For those creatures soon any food is good enough. Although I call: 'Come to Me, all of you who are labourious and suffering, since I will refresh you all!'; but this My life call will remain unheard and unobeyed by many!"