Jesus' Precepts and Deeds through His Three Years of Teaching

Jesus near Caesarea Philippi (cont.)

- Chapter 38 -
True justice.

(The Lord:) "I think that this should be clear to you, and so I take the word further and say: By that, you should not, because I have told you such, destroy all prisons and holding places which are nevertheless a necessary evil against the big evil of very ill souls, and break all chains and all swords; o no, this is not what was said! Since very contagious ill souls must be carefully separated from healthy souls, and kept in safekeeping for as long until they are cure from the very bottom.
But not your rage and your desire for revenge should keep them save in strong rooms, but your great charity and the tightly connected innermost worry regarding their possible complete recovery! Should the right spirit of love is indicating to you, that the one or another heavily sick person requires a bitter tasting medicine, then you should not withhold it from him, because it would be a very unripe and untimely mercy! But only in true love for your neighbour should you administer a bitter medicine to a seriously ill person, then it will surely provide him with the desired cure, and you will receive a lot of blessing!
The medicine, which I administered earlier this evening to the five, was surely not sweet and well tasting; but My great love for them recognized it as inevitable for their complete recovery, and therefore also this medicine was a highest act of My love for them. Because of that, they could be healed in the morning so much easier, and they should say whether they are cross with Me regarding the bitter medicine!
But if somebody, lead only by rage and a desire for revenge, torments and tortures the putative criminal in a pitiless manner, then he is already a manifold bigger criminal and someday he will have to tastes even more bitterness.
The measure you are using, will be the same measure you are going to be measured by one day! Who measures with true love, will one day also be measured with true love; but who measures in rage and revenge, will one day also receive the same medicine in a double measure to be cured, and he shall not be released one second earlier from the most bitter institution in the beyond, until each hard fibre in his soul is made white and soft like wool!
I have now shown to you the general true nature and composition of man, and you cannot say anymore: 'Such we did not know!' Since you know this now perfectly well, act accordingly and teach such to those, who are standing below you and as themselves ill, do not know, what they are doing, you will be as true and healthy coworkers in My kingdom on this earth become active in a right and best measure, and My benevolence will accompany you on all walks of life; should you however, somewhere work according to your old ways again, then think, that your soul has become ill again, and ask Me that I cure her and you are not befallen by a twofold illness!
O you, who are judging and with your judgements make the poor ill souls even more ill than they were before, think in all seriousness what you are and what you should be in all truth, and what you are supposed to be doing according to the order of God! You judges and chief rulers over the weakness of the nations, who are in the final analysis also your power, might and respect, should be true fathers of your nations, and as such should look after the health of the souls of the many children entrusted to you with all love and true fatherly care! You do not need to be doctors for the body - but the more so doctors for souls!
If you see your children often disregarding the rules of their parents and now and then even strongly sinning against them, would it be becoming of the parents if they take one of the children and torture it as a deterrent example and even hang it to the cross?! This can perhaps only been carried out by a most power-addicted father; but the world's history will not be able to show many such examples! But you better parents will at least reprimand the transgressing children in a pretending serious manner and in the most severe case even punish them with the salutary corrective rod. Should the children thereafter better themselves, your surely will have a great joy about them; since it will be a right desire for you to see the souls of your children fresh and healthy before you.
In the same manner, you mighty judges should act against all people, and your joy will never end! Think yourself in the place of those who must listen to you and accept and follow your laws! Wouldn't it be pleasing to you, if they as your judges would be merciful and proceed very carefully with you?! What you wisely wish that they should to you, if you would stand before them with ill souls, do likewise to them if they are standing with sick souls before you!