Jesus' Precepts and Deeds through His Three Years of Teaching

Jesus near Caesarea Philippi (cont.)

- Chapter 61 -
Materialistic errors.

ith those words, Zorel, wrapped in his very wretched rags, leaves Zinka, steps closer to Me and says: "High lord and master of healing profession, this dress which covers my wretched body, are rags of a wretched way; but at least they cover the privates of a person, who is really sorry for unfortunately also being a fellow-person among these many would be or should be people! Accept for the clothes, we all have the same form; but between the beings there seems to exist a sky-high difference.
I am a person who understands to quite clearly distinguish, that two and two does not equal seven, but four! Zinka tells me that you are a man, who could ignite an even brighter light in me, than there is my own, which at least provided me with a stamp of mankind under my co-believers; but I never boasted with it and even less so do I plan to boast , if you want to ignite another light for me. Zinka told me that you are the only one able to do this.
You have heard my principles which have not been taken out of the blue. For me they were unfortunately a too tangible truth; but if you can give me something better, then do it, and it would be a pleasure for me to whole heartedly let go of all the truth junk! I, however, does not know with which title I should greet you, - but I think that also you are a person of the truth, and for such people it does not matter what title they are given. I call you 'High Master' and honour you as such, although I only know you from hearsay. Should you however be able to provide for me in deed, then I will worship you!
Thus tell me, if it pleases you, how close or how wrong am I with my truth principles! Are we now more, or less people, than those who lived as the first reasonable people on this earth? Am I not allowed now, since the people have invented the property protection law, of which they claim that God has given it to them, as a poor faun who often hasn't a bite to eat for three days and couldn't get anything by begging either, to take from the abundance of another person, only to protect me from dying from hunger, since every earthworm has the right to feed itself with foreign property without having to buy it, because it is also an inhabitant of this earth and unfortunately has to be, since mighty nature has arranged it in such a way? Or should a human being have a lesser right to feed himself with earthly fruits agreeing with his nature, only because he couldn't buy himself a good piece of land -, than a bird in the air of which everyone is certainly a dedicated thief?! I asked you, to give the right answer in this regard!"
Says I: "Friend, for as long you are setting your human rights equal to those of animals, you are perfectly correct with your basic nature laws; and in no way can I say anything against it and every property protecting as well as any other moral law is in that case the most absurd ridiculousness! How stupid must be someone, who wants to give to the birds in the air, the animals on earth and the fish in the water property protection laws and any other moral rules; since any only a little reasonable person, or even a God, must know it, that those beings have nature as their only law provider! Hence you are quite right with your views, if man for the time being is nothing else and has also nothing to expect than any animal as it stands there in his nature.
But if man is there or should be there for any possible kind of higher purpose, of which until now of course nothing could have gotten into your mind, what becomes only too obvious by your wisdom fighting only for the lowest needs, your mathematical principles may stand only on very weak and shaky feet!
But that each person has been placed on this earth for a higher purpose, you already should have recognized from the fact, that he as a new born being stands deep below any animal and only after a few years of intensive care starts to become a person. He must enter some kind of order and with all sorts of justified troubles and fair struggle he must earn his bread. Therefore he received laws, so that he should consider them as the first direction signs to a higher destination, and also to keep them out of his free will for the sake of further self-development and self-determination, what is the only way by which he finally can reach his higher destination, - but never as a however biting clever animal-person, but as a perfect human person.
For as long you are only worried about the need of the flesh, you will not make much progress as a person; ah, but if you have recognized that there also resides another completely different person inside you, who has completely different needs than your body and has also an entirely different destination, it will not be difficult for you to recognize, how much you are digging with your principles in loose sand!
See, I know about your otherwise good will and your search for the truth and about the reason of all evil, in which mankind on earth is currently truly stuck up to their ears! Your thoughts, since you always had a particular pleasure to steal, have indicated to you that the protection law for property and rightful ownership are a pandora box; and because you were in your younger years a hedonistic friend of females, the morality law always embarrassed you, since it reminds you and everyone else that the abuse of intercourse is a sin.
Yes, as an animal person you are also completely right with your principles, equally so, that an upfront law should exist before all other laws, by which all children should have such an upbringing, by which the social order should be drilled into them to such an extend, that during adulthood it would become completely impossible for them, to ever transgress any law, which would make any additional legislation of course completely superfluously.
Yes, behold, this order was also made applicable to the animals by the Creator of all worlds and all beings! Every animal gets your required primary upbringing substantially in his whole nature already in the womb, and needs no other laws later on; since the primary upbringing in the mothers womb has everything what it requires for its whole life! But He, who created all angel spirits, the heavens, the worlds and man, surely knew what it requires, to create man as a free person with a later education and not just as a judged animal.
If you take a closer look at your mathematical correct life principles, you soon will find, that speech is a great evil for people, since by speech people can educate each other in all kinds of evil things and matters. Similar the lie would never be part of people, if they could not speak, neither by signs nor by words; yes, even to think is dangerous, because by that people can get into all kinds of malice and cunningness! Finally they should also not be able to see clearly, hear clearly and also not to taste and smell; since all those senses in a clear and pure state could easily make a person greedy and lascivious, what would be coincidentally bad! Now look at your human being according to your mathematical principles and ask yourself, whether there exists any difference between him and a sea polyp, with the exception of the form!
But what do you want to do with such a person, regarding the higher purpose for what each person is created? What education can you give him? When will such a person reach the recognition of himself and then recognize the true God, the primordial reason of all things and all light and all bliss? Look at the constitution of a healthy person, observe and explore him precisely with your critical mind, and you will find, that such a wise and exceedingly artful constructed being must in the end have also another destination, than to only fill his stomach daily, to be able to relieve himself of a large amount of waste afterwards!