Jesus' Precepts and Deeds through His Three Years of Teaching

Jesus near Caesarea Philippi (cont.)

- Chapter 71 -
Cyrenius' amazement about Zorel's astuteness.

ohannes begins to think deeper about these words of Zorel and finds, that they are not without any reason, and turns quietly in his heart with a question to Me, namely what he further should do with this person, since it appears that he is starting to grow above his head.
But I say to Johannes: "Give him some time; I will then put into your heart and on your tongue what you should say to him, as I have done so until now!" - Johannes follows this advice.
Cyrenius, who listened with great attention to the justification of Zorel, said to Me: "Lord, I must openly confess to you, that this is quite a strange human being! It now looks though, that he even got the wise disciple Johannes thinking. In short, I, for example, would be completely at an end with my wisdom and had to release him from all his guilt!
However, it is incomprehensible to me, how this chief scoundrel with all his actions is overcome by such overpowering acumen! That people like for instance the chief clergy Stahar and also Zinka, could have spoken sharply reasonable to their advantage before making a closer acquaintance with You, is understandable, because they were all educated people and deeply experienced in many other things; but this person was surely always a first class scoundrel, - but, nevertheless, this enormous acumen! Ah, something like that I never came across in my whole life! Just tell me, o Lord, how this person came to it!"
Says I: "He never was that empty; since the Greeks have always been the best advocates of Rome! They know the inconsiderate sharpness of the Roman law and therefore study them very carefully, so that they, if a judge holds them accountable for any kind of transgression, are ready with the most solid response; and such people, who have decided to deceive the state in the most severe manner, have unusually thoroughly made the rights of the state and mankind their own and have also made the writings of different worldly wise men extremely intensely their own. And to such category belongs also this Zorel.
But before the raptures sleep, he would not have spoken with such determined acumen; but from his sleep some sort of after-smell has remained in his soul out of his spirit, and this is why he is so sharply critical. But this sharpness would soon loose itself, if he would again continue with his old life-sphere; but with this kind of treatment he will become even sharper, what I in particular allow to happen for My disciples, so that they at this opportunity can taste a little the most extreme sharpness of the human worldly mind, what is very salutary to them. Although they are very modest people and possess an already very sensible heart, so now and then a I-am-better-then-others thought rises in them, and for that such a person is quite an excellent stone of exception.
Johannes already acknowledged the shortcoming of his wisdom to Me, and the other disciples are thinking now, what it might be; but I let them still think for a while, so that they can find themselves better. If they have found themselves a little deeper, I will help them again a little to move forward. But he will still place some mosquitos in their ears, so that they all will start to scratch themselves behind their ears! But then they will be able to make a step forward. - but now I will loosen the tongue of Johannes again, and he will start speaking again; therefore just pay very close attention!"