Jesus' Precepts and Deeds through His Three Years of Teaching

Jesus near Caesarea Philippi (cont.)

- Chapter 77 -
Zorel's decision to improve.

ays Zorel: "I find your teaching you have given to me absolutely brilliant, true and good, and everything must be like it; otherwise you could not have told me my most secret deeds like reading them from a book. Therefore as a person one can in every case reach a nearly unbelievable perfection, and coming to such conclusion now is sufficient for me; I'm also not yearning for such perfection as observed in you, in order to read a poor sinner at a similar opportunity his committed sins, to thereby provide a true consolation for myself and in quietness feel happy about myself! I never want to be a teacher nor an even so gentle judge; I only want to serve as a perfect human, so that in future no person should come to any harm by my silliness.
This is the only reason, why I want to reach your perfection. The demand for this in my life can consist out of anything it wants, I sure will comply with it; because if I want something, no sacrifice is too heavy for me! It will be executed, even at cost to this my bodily life! Since of what value can a life be, if composed by all kind of imperfections?! With imperfection one cannot reach any perfection, - but I surely have no desire for anything imperfect anymore!
But you said, that another person, who is full of the spirit of God, will teach me about that what I have to do; you know him, - show him to me, so that I can go to him and ask him about the means to awaken my spirit!"
Says Johannes: "It is Him, who earlier send you to me! Go to him, He will awaken you!"
Says Zorel: "An internal notion told me after my awakening, that this carpenter's son from Nazareth indicated to me before, must be more than just a person. Finally the truth emerges, what I previously only anticipated as premonition! It is above all very strange, that actually this man looks so familiar to me! But how did he came to such perfection? Can you provide me with any information about that?"
Says Johannes: "About that I can tell you nothing else, than that you are forgiven to ask such a question; otherwise it would be same as if you would ask, how and in which manner did God obtained His perfect wisdom and perfect almightiness. God Himself choose Him as His bodily dwelling! This is the great mercy, that comes to all nations by this chosen One. The human side you see in Him, is equal to the son of God; but in him dwells the spirit of God to the fullest!
But if so, one cannot ask, how He came to such infinite perfection! This, what He is now, and will be forever, He already was in the mother's body. Indeed, He went along with all the pure humanly aspects, except for the sin, which humans always more or less commit; but it didn't contributed to His spiritual perfection, because He was since eternity already perfected. He did and still does everything only, so that all people should have a most perfect example in Him, to follow Him as the primordial reason and primordial master of all being and life.
Now you also now, with whom your are dealing with in Him. Therefore go to Him, so that He can show you the right way to your spirit, which is in you as the pure love for God, and by your spirit or your love to Him, who stays among us as the true welfare of all mankind, who ever lived on this earth, now live and who will live in future.
However, if you go to Him, go with the love of your heart to Him and not with the purity of your mind! Because only through love can and will you win Him over and also comprehend His divinity; but with your mind you will achieve forever nothing! Since only love is able to increase forever, while there have been placed limits for the mind, which he forever is not able to surpass. But the love of humans to God is, as He Himself says, able to increase forever, and the stronger the love for Him in you grows, the brighter it will become in your whole being! Because the pure love to God is a living fire and the brightest light. Who walks in this light, will not see death in eternity, as He Himself has said. - And now you already know quite a lot; awake yourself in your heart and go to Him!"
However, because of all the reverence upon this message, Zorel does not know what to think or what to do. Since this last teaching leaves him no doubt anymore, that I carry the Godhead in all fullness in Myself, and therefore, because of his continuously growing reverence he becomes more small-hearted and courageousless, and says after a while of deeper reflection: "Friend! The more I think about your words, the more difficult it becomes for me, that I, His mercy most unworthy, should go to Him and ask Him, that He Himself should show me the bright lighted path to life! It is, to say it directly, nearly impossible for me to go to Him; since I feel a strange holiness emanating from Him towards me, and this keeps on telling me: 'Step back, you most unworthy! Perform for a year long repentance, only then come and see if you can touch the hemline of my garment!' Tell me from where comes this extraordinary fear which penetrates my whole being!"
Says Johannes: "This is quite true; the true love to God the Lord must always be preceded by the meekness of the heart! Where this is not the case, love never ever can emerge in a true and living way. Remain for a little while longer in such right humility of your heart before Him! But when He calls you, do not wait any longer, and go quickly to Him!"
After these words Zorel finds some reassurance in himself, but strongly thinks about it, how good and blessed it would be, to stand without sin before the Holiest.