Jesus' Precepts and Deeds through His Three Years of Teaching

Jesus near Caesarea Philippi (cont.)

- Chapter 90 -
Soul and body.

(The Lord:) "We straight away want to undertake something else! Zorel, and you, Zinka, come a little closer to Me and tell Me, what you above all still want to see and know!"
Both who were called came now closer, and Zinka says: "Lord, this is for people with an imperfect nature like us a very difficult question to answer! Since there are many things we still would like to see and know, because there is so much left for us to see and to know, despite we already having seen and experienced quite a lot. But what among the endless many things is the most necessary for us, is a completely different question, which we are not able to answer, because we are still a far cry from knowing, what is really most important for us; therefore You should act without our request according to Your infinite love and wisdom, and everyone will see, hear and feel the best!"
Says I: "Now then, - I will see what can be done! I think, a rather confident insight of the continual life of the soul after death of the body, should be for you all of the greatest importance and necessity; therefore we will take this matter under closer investigation!
Through words I already have shown you several times, what the actual death of the body consists of and in which different ways it can take place, and what the consequences for the soul and her spirit are and must be. If I have to explain this to you by long theoretical sentences, we would not be able to finish within a years time. For your thorough understanding of this matter, I will show it to you with words and actions, and you will then understand it.
But before we get to the actual matter, I nevertheless have to explain in advance, how the soul is connected to the body.
And so listen to Me: The soul as a mixed and seizing composite, is through and through of a ethereal-substantial nature. Since the body in its being contains basically also ethereal-substantial, it is as such related to the substantial being of the soul. And this relationship is actually what connects the soul to the body for as long as with time it has not become too much purely material, in which state it has too little or often no relationship at all anymore with the essentiality existence of the soul, - and if there is still some left, it must first through the process of decay be separated from the body and in the beyond be guided back to the so to speak naked soul.
But if the soul has absorbed in the end too much material from her body, the bodily death also reaches her, and she must decay together with the body to only awaken after some earth years as highly imperfect, where it will be very difficult for her to reach a higher light, because everything is a dark earthly thing for her, where there is only little light and a lot of darkness rests in all corners.
There can be no talk of awakening the spirit for as long, time, hardship and all kind of humiliation has separated and swept away the worldly darkness and the coarse- or so to speak bodily-substantial from the soul; and in the beyond this is much more difficult than here, because the soul in the beyond must be kept in a certain isolation for a long time on her own, so that she, as a still too naked and so to speak skinless and dressless being, not be consumed by another being, which is already full of a higher life fire and stands in its full strength, like a drop of water is destroyed and consumed on a red-hot iron plate. Since for every still so imperfect soul in contrast to an already perfected spirit, it applies, what I once said to Moses, when he requested to see Me: 'You cannot see God and live!'
The higher a raised life has become, the more powerful, mightier and heavier it stands on its own, and all life which is still standing at a lower level, can never assert itself towards a raised life, except in certain distances. What is a mosquito against an elephant, what a fly against a lion?! What is a most tender little moss mould plant against a more than hundred year old cedar on Lebanon, what this earth against the big sun?! What is a drop of water against a mighty fire?! - If someone of you steps on an elephant, it will probably do nothing to the elephant; but if someone of you steps on an ant, it physical life is completely ended.
What already in outer nature appears, to be grasp with hands, this is even more developed and pronounced true in the kingdom of spirits. In every already on its own existing life the insatiable need is present, to unify even more life in itself; but the principal of unification is at the very bottom of all reason, love. If this principal above all would not be part of a life, there would be no sun in infinitive space nor any earth, and likewise also no creatures on them and in them.
But because the principal of life unification exists in life itself and every free life continuously strives to unify with another to itself similar and related life, from many separated lives and separated intelligences, in the end only one life and therefore a manifold and wide ranging intelligence is formed, and from the many small beings with little reason one being is created equipped with a lot of reason and a lot of mind."