Jesus' Precepts and Deeds through His Three Years of Teaching

Jesus near Caesarea Philippi (cont.)

- Chapter 93 -
The progress of the soul on earth and in the afterworld.

(The Lord:) "It goes without saying that here there can be no talk of an individual case, but only about the basic norm, according to which, during the guidance here and in particular also in the beyond, a soul is lifted out of the life-restraining physicalness.
In addition there are countless deviations, of which each is treated a little differently; but irrespective of all this there must exist a fundamental norm, according to which all the others must be directed, similar to the earth which must be fertilized by rain, so that in it the sowed germs can start to germinate. But how can the various types of seeds which are resting in the earth waiting to become alive, attract out of the raindrops which is familiar to them? This is a matter of the specific intelligence of the spirits who are residing inside the germs and know quite well how to provide for their residence.
I tell you this, so that you should recognise how difficult and troublesome the progress is in the beyond regarding the perfection of the inner life, and how easy and unrestricted it is, where the soul still has the material body around herself, where she can foremost deposit all her present physicalness, how and whenever she wants to do this; but in the beyond this is not so easily possible anymore, because the soul does not have a material body anymore and cannot glide with her feet over a material earth anymore, but only over a spiritual, which is built out of the thoughts and ideas of the soul, but which is certainly not suitable, to adsorb and bury forever the physicalness which has been expelled by the soul.
Since whatever falls from the soul onto her earth, is nearly the same as taking a stone and hurling it away from this earth into infinite space. Yes, who would posses the strength, to hurl a stone with such speed-power up or away from this earth, to exceed the speed of a shot arrow by thirty-thousand times, would most likely be able to remove the stone so far away from earth, that it never falls back again; but every lesser speed-power would never manage such effect. It would drive the stone more or less far from earth; but if the throw-power becomes necessary weaker due to the continuously far out reaching gravity power of the earth, the stone eventually would turn around and fall back onto the surface of the earth.
And see, similar it stands with the material sin lumps still attached to the soul in the beyond! Even if the soul removes them from herself and throws them onto the surface of her world, the trouble is of little use to her, yes, now and then even absolutely nothing, because the surface of the soul, on which she stands and moves in the spiritual world, forms very much part of her, like in the physical world the gravity of this earth, which forms part of this very earth, nevertheless how far out reaching it is, it will not allow even one atom to be remove from it.
If the soul in the beyond wants to rid herself of everything coarse and physical, a higher power must become active inside her; and this is the power which lies in My word and in My name! Since it is written, coming out of the mouth of God: 'Before Your Name all knees will bend in heaven, on earth and underneath the earth!'. By this is meant all human creatures of the countless other worlds in the most infinite space of creation; since in heaven are residing the already forever perfected children of God, - on this earth however, pay attention, entirely and only the children of God to be. Since only to this earth the high privilege is given, it implies its worthiness is standing above all other world bodies; they are therefore standing morally underneath this earth and hence also their inhabitants, by which must be understood 'who are living underneath the earth'.
Therefore only through My word and through My name the soul can completely be purified. But this cannot be done so easily in the beyond as one might imagine it; it takes large preparations! The soul must in advanced be practised in all possible self-activity and must carry quite a substantial strength firmly in herself, before it is possible for her, to accept My word and finally even My name.
Once the soul is able to do this, it will be easy for her to remove even the last material atom from her entire territory to such an extend, so that it forever cannot fall back again. How and why, will be shown immediately!"