Jesus' Precepts and Deeds through His Three Years of Teaching

The Lord on the Mount of Olives. (cont.) Gospel of John, Chapter 8

- Chapter 102 -
The strong suspicion of the 3 magicians. The diamond is fetched in a marvelous way.

hen the magician said these farewell words, those who were present and also I had tears in their eyes, and I gave Raphael and Lazarus a sign not to let the magicians go yet, because I wanted now that they should find the hidden One this evening and that they should know Him better.
Raphael and Lazarus went now towards the three men who just wanted to leave, and Raphael said with a truly heavenly, friendly facial expression and voice: "Where do you want to go now? Look, the sun is already standing low above the horizon and your followers are well accommodated in the city. So you easily can stay with us tonight, for also this is a good inn."
The magician said: "O, dear, heavenly, young friend. Not only this night but a lot more nights and days we would like to stay in your presence and still learn a lot of truths from you. But we consider ourselves to be much too unworthy to bear your presence any longer, which to us is so extremely hallowed, and to trouble you and this whole surely God-fearing company. But if you wish, we certainly will respond to that wish. What we will consume we simply will pay, like this is appropriate among honest people."
Then Lazarus said: "With me, your bill will easily be settled. For your accommodation will be well taken care of."
This was completely reassuring for the three, but the chief magician thought that someone should go to the city to tell the others that the three of them would be spending this night on the mountain.
But Raphael said: "This is not necessary because this is already done."
The magician asked: "How can that be? As far as I know, no messenger was sent down to the big city. And even if that was the case, then he cannot know in which inn they were put up."
Raphael said: "Do not worry about that, because for true friends of the only true God, absolutely nothing is impossible. I myself have told it to your companions, and here you have your golden cup of which the brim is decorated with diamonds, rubies and emerald, then you can drink wine with us from it. On the bottom is the engraved sign of your name."
When the chief magician saw this, he said: "We have reached our goal, because only a God can do this. Unimaginable great things are still in store for us here."
Raphael said: "You could be right about that. But do not take me for the One whom you have sought for such a long time, but here you can find Him. And now, no more of this."
With this, the magicians were momentarily satisfied and they thought very well about everything that was said.
When later the sun was disappearing under the horizon, our Lazarus said to the magicians: "Dear friends, these appearances are certainly amazing you, but I tell you that this is only a very little start of everything that you will now experience in this good state of mind. Do practice yourselves now in patience, meekness and true humility, then you will bring many blessings from here to your faraway kingdom. And what you will consume here, has been already richly paid for."
The magician said: "Lord of the house, who has paid for us?"
Lazarus said: "Do not ask, because the One to whom all treasures of the Earth are belonging, has already paid for that."
The magician said: "Also those of our great kingdom?"
Lazarus said: "Yes, also those of your great kingdom."
The magician said: "Do you then know our immense earthly treasures?"
Lazarus said: "Not I, but this young man here most certainly, and someone else in this company still a lot better."
Then the magician said to Raphael: "When did you come to our region, so that you can know all this so precisely?"
Raphael said: "Look, at home you have a big diamond of, according to your earthly standards, an inestimable value, and you have hidden this stone so well that besides you no one in the whole of India can know anything about it."
Then the chief magician looked at him astonished and said: Yes, this is true. Lovely young man, can you also describe to me how it looks like?"
Raphael said: "The best description will be when I will bring your precious stone here immediately and will give it into your hands, just like I did before with this golden cup. So be attentive now, to see how long I will be away for this purpose."
The magician said: "Young man, if you can do that, you are not a man anymore, but a god. Because from here to our country is certainly 70 journeys, and you want to give me the stone in one moment? If that is possible, then it can be nothing else then a wonder of God."
Raphael said: "Well, how long have I been away?"
The magician said: "Until now, not one moment."
Raphael said: "But here you have your precious stone anyway. Just look, to see if it is exactly the same one of which we were discussing just now."
Raphael gave the stone to the magician, and this one almost fainted when he saw the stone, which he knew only too well. He was beside himself out of amazement and looked once to the stone and then to Raphael again and could not regain his calmness.