Jesus' Precepts and Deeds through His Three Years of Teaching

The Lord on the Mount of Olives. (cont.) Gospel of John, Chapter 8

- Chapter 107 -
The revelation in India.

hen Agricola said to Me: "But Lord and Master, I thought that India was a country full of wonders and of a high civilization, like the old Egyptians. A kingdom that must be full of art and of a higher knowledge. And now it seems that the absolute opposite is prevailing of what I have imagined of the great India. O Lord, when will this people then come to the light of life?"
I said: "Also for this people will be taken care, but now it is by far still not mature for it. The common people however, is very obedient and also very patient, and pious in their own manner, and they have a firm faith. If one should take this away from them now, it would kill them and that would be bad for the soul of the people. Therefore, it is advisable not to enlighten India too much before the right time. But they have to be fed drop by drop, and it is already fed. That is why very special wise men and seers can be found there, whom actually the Jews do not have anymore. And these wise men and seers are also spreading a very good twilight among many people. Without such twilight these three would not have found the long way to this place.
When I was born in this world in Bethlehem in a sheepfold, 3 wise men came also out of that same morning land, who were the first to bring Me greetings, and they offered Me gold, incense and myrrh, after which they returned to their country again. And some time ago they came again, and this landlord and neighbor of Lazarus has seen them and has accommodated them. So there are also wise men over there, but not so many.
Besides, the Indian priests are no more as severe with the wise men and seers - who are keeping themselves on the background - as they were a 100 years ago and who were still a lot more severe 300, 400, 500 years ago. Because a few great epidemics which the seers had predicted, of which the Indians and most of all the great ones and rulers fell for two thirds victim to it, as well as big earthquakes, storms and floods have made the priests and the kings a little softer and more tolerant, although they still hold on to the same old basic principles of intolerance and barbaric punishments. And that is why it will still take a long time for this sensual people before it will be completely mature for a higher light.
Raphael has worked on the 3 magicians completely according to My will and in this manner he also has gained them, and this was also good. But before tomorrow you may not make Myself completely known to them. There we have Lazarus and Raphael who are coming back. They will soon invite us for the evening meal. But after that we will come back again to this place to look at the creation."
After I had said that, Lazarus was already close to Me and invited us for the evening meal, and Raphael took the 3 magicians with him. When we were sitting in the house at the table on our usual places, the magicians were surprised about the splendid arrangement of the large dining-hall. But even more about the specially set table that was splendid in its real Indian abundance, and on which the most precious Indian evening food could be found.
The chief magician stood up and said to Lazarus: "But noble friend, why all this wasting for the three of us? For this money many poor people could have been taken care of for years. Do you have no poor people in your country and in this city?"
Lazarus said: "Oh yes, we have enough of those and I myself am taking care of many. Look, at this long table over there, along the broad wall of this hall, at least 70 are sitting there, and on my many other possessions many are finding shelter, a suitable job and care. And if there are still more poor people coming by, they will find an open door in all my houses. Therefore, do not worry about the little honor, which I am offering you as strangers by serving you in your own manner. Now eat and drink to your heart's desire."
Then the three did just that and were very surprised about the extraordinary good taste of the food and the wine, and they asserted continuously that they had never tasted anything more exquisite.