Jesus' Precepts and Deeds through His Three Years of Teaching

The Lord on the Mount of Olives. (cont.) Gospel of John, Chapter 8

- Chapter 110 -
The heavy wind of the north. The meaning of it. The Dead Sea.

hen we were back on our former places, a fairly strong cool wind from the north came blowing in and Lazarus said softly to Me: "Lord, if the wind will grow even stronger than it is already now, we will be forced to move back into the house again."
I said: "Friend, If I did not want it, this wind would not blow, but because I want it, this wind, which I have called up in Me is blowing now. And this is good, because I want it that way, because everything that the Father in Me wants is good. Therefore, nobody has to withdraw from this wind, which is fairly cool, and nobody has to be scared to become sick. Soon you will notice and also understand why I have made this wind to blow now."
When I said this to Lazarus, the wind was still increasing in intensity and the Indians turned to Raphael and said: "Listen, lovely and very mighty, wise young man. The fact that man, according to the teaching which you have made known to us, can - through the unification with God's pure spirit of life - really perform wonderful great things by the power and the might of his will if he is uniting it with the divine will, we all found very understandable and convincing. But now and then there are phenomena in the great nature of the world against which even the most perfect man with all the power of his will is fighting against in vain. The annoying wind is already an example of it. It seems to us that most of the elements are dumb and do not care at all about the things we will, no matter how powerful we will it."
Raphael said: "You are very much mistaken in this. If even the hardest stone has to submit itself immediately to the power of the with God united inner will, how much more the air which consists only of soul substance and thus is much closer connected with the inner spirit than a raw material stone.
I am telling you however, that this wind, which appears to you as somewhat unpleasant, is actually that strong because we want it that way. Why we want it, will be obvious from what will follow. Just keep your eyes to the direction of the wind, then you will soon realize why the wind is increasing in strength."
Then not only the 3 magicians, but also all those who were present kept their eyes in the direction from where the wind was blowing. What was it that they soon discovered in the region of the Dead Sea, which was not so far away from Jerusalem? Thick smoke clouds were rising, covering the southern horizon, and now and then columns of fire became visible, which however, were quickly extinguished again.
When the chief magician and his companions discovered that, he said to Raphael: "What is the matter, and what is happening there? Is that maybe a place, a city, that is on fire?"
Raphael said: "Oh no, my dear friends, there is quite a big lake over there, which is called here by the Jews 'Dead Sea', because in it and also above it in the atmospheric air, no animal can stay alive for 1 hour.
All fish and other aquatic animals are dying in that lake, as well as the birds in the air above, so that only very rarely you will see them flying above the lake. Yes, even plants and vegetation of no matter what kind, cannot stay alive for a long time, neither on the bottom or somewhere on the banks. Because under that lake there is a vast and deep layer going into the inside of the Earth in which are great accumulations of sulfur and earth pitch, which are igniting at certain times. And at certain places - of course under water - it is ripping off the bottom with a great noise, by which the fire is violently breaking out above the water, but must soon extinguish, because the water is entering into the ripped open gap. And even if such a crack is closed because of the water or because it is closing by itself, then there are new outbursts at another place, which are of course extinguished again in the same manner.
As soon as the fire under the rather big lake becomes active, it always continues for a few hours with great intensity. However, the after-effect, which usually consists of smoke and vapors, which at certain places is continuously welling up from the lake, often lasts a few days in ever diminishing intensity. And then, during that time it is not advisable for someone to approach the lake, and certainly not opposite the wind, because the bad air, which during these occasions are forming above the lake suffocates the natural life of man and also of every animal.
And look, because the outburst is now very heavy and because the southern wind would drive the strong poisonous smoke all too soon toward us, causing a great disaster, the almighty will of the only, true God has called the northern wind, which is rich of life elements and which becomes first of all stronger as the fire under the lake is perceptibly increasing, and secondly is driving the smoke and the vapor far into the deserts of Arabia, where it can cause no harm to anyone, because there, especially far away from the lake, no living creature is likely to live.
If you will now think deeper about what has been said, you will understand the reason why the cool northern wind was blowing and that it was not by coincidence that it came into its mind but that a very wise and very powerful will has commanded it. From this, it is clear that the united will of God of a perfect living man can also command the elements, and that these have to submit to it.
So you also can throw a glance at the wisdom and the will of God when I show you that this dangerous lake receives its supply from different sides, but on the surface of the Earth it has no evacuation. Why is that so? Because this lake, just like some other lakes on the Earth, needs in the first place its water to temper the fire that is below, and secondly because a supply of the poisonous water on the surface would make the land fruitless and uninhabitable far around it. And therefore, the love, wisdom and will of the true God takes also care of that what blind man does not see and what he also cannot see.
But he who observes the creatures and the further organization of the world with the eyes of the spirit, will discover that God's will is prevailing everywhere. And in this way he will easily find the great, holy Father who organizes the worlds, the people and the spirits, and he will be able to find the power of God's almighty will within him. Then he will have no more reason to ask if the will of God, united with the will of man can also command the elements. Did you well understand all that?"