Jesus' Precepts and Deeds through His Three Years of Teaching

The Lord on the Mount of Olives. (cont.) Gospel of John, Chapter 8

- Chapter 113 -
The necessity of the diversity of all created things.

aphael said: "You have answered correctly, because by such similarity of the created things every stimulation of life, and with that also every thinking would cease. The exterior thinking is set to work because man is observing the different things with its very varying and different forms with his healthy sense organs. He is comparing them, ponders and evaluates their efficient relations between one another. He pays attention to the different forms and gives them also different names by which the human language and later also the written language of signs originated.
However, if one region and the other, one tree and the other, also one animal and the other, and all the people, men and women, parents and children, young and old, would look exactly alike, what kind of stimulation would that exert on the sense organs of the people? None at all. Then he would have very little to observe, and still less to think about. Also the oral and written language would be very limited. And look, that would simply be the case if the all-wise God would create the worlds and the creatures all according to your severe imaginations of order.
But because God is still infinitely much wiser than we can imagine, He also has created everything in a much better order than we can ever think of. He is continuously Teacher and Master of the people, because He has brought such diversity in His creatures, so that man, for whose sake everything has been created, will observe all different creatures of all kind and form, and will easily recognize them and give them also a name. He will think deeply about them and can then also use them in one way or another to his advantage, which he, as proven, would never be able to do according to your way.
Would you for instance be capable to love a certain woman if she looked completely identical to any other women as one domestic fly to another? You would not be able to recognize your wife at all, as little as you can recognize a domestic fly and could say: 'Look, that is my darling'. Because as soon as your darling-fly disappeared between the others, you certainly would not be able to recognize it as the one that is yours, and this is precisely how it would be with your wife and your wife with you.
From all this you can conclude that it is precisely disorder, which is, according to you, prevailing among God's creatures, that is the basis of much greater and more real proofs for the existence and for the highest love and wisdom of an almighty Creator than order, which you have searched for such a long time and were not able to find.
I have already shown to you that the veins - which you can see and well observe at your hands and feet, and also at your head - are not precisely placed in that full symmetric order beneath your skin, what you are defending. But you can see that with you, as well as with any other person, they clearly have many different forms. Yes, then why this disorder?
Look, you hardly will meet two persons who will look exactly the same. However, as God the Lord, for the clearly indicated reasons, makes the exterior forms very differently, so He also makes the organism of man differently, and also the talents of every soul. Because if every person had exactly the same talents, then they soon would not need one another any more, and neighborly love would be a word without meaning.
Now you have seen that, what is according to you, disorder, is the surest proof for God's existence and for the highest, most wise and loving order out of God. Then we can now return to our dangerous lake."