Jesus' Precepts and Deeds through His Three Years of Teaching

The Lord on the Mount of Olives. (cont.) Gospel of John, Chapter 8

- Chapter 115 -
The benefit of the poisonous trees in India. The development of the Earth. The displacement of the seas.

hen the magician said: "It is becoming clear to me now, just like the sunrise early in the morning. However, these are things which first have to take root before they can be completely my own. The fact that this is precisely how you have explained it to me now, I do not doubt for one moment. Only one little question I still would like to ask. If your great patience with me is not exhausted yet, I would like to ask you to answer also this little question to expand my understanding."
Raphael said: "Let me hear also this request. What is it? Speak."
The magician said: "Look, lovely and extremely wise young man, with us in India, and more exactly on a big island and also in some valleys at the coast which could be luxuriantly overgrown, there is a special bush, a real terror for the country. This brushwood is so malicious and poisonous that by its emanation it kills far around the place everything that comes near. It is much more dangerous than this formerly mentioned lake and cannot be exterminated. Ignorant people are coming now and then near that vegetation and must die a pitiful death.
Well, for what is such a hellish vegetation good for?"
Raphael said: "Yes, my dear friend, such a vegetation has a great and for the people important meaning in the land where the Lord of Heaven and Earth lets it grow, because it has been given to the people of that country as a loyal watchman to warn them not to inhabit such pieces of land on Earth, because God the Lord has destined this for something very different for the preservation of the Earth.
It was already revealed faithfully to your ancestors that they had to avoid those valleys, and not to inhabit them, because these are by far not ripe for habitation and because under the soil there are still raw elementary powers at work. They also knew that the named bushes were there to absorb the emanating poison out of the depths of the Earth, so that it would not poison other further away regions and make them uninhabitable.
Once that man is informed about this and is then exhorted by teachers for a 1,000 years, then no one can be agitated anymore when he, despite the warning is going to places on Earth where he should know that those are by far not suitable for the coming of men and animals. Do you also understand that?"
The magician said: "Yes, also this I understand now. But why is it, that some regions on Earth are more suitable than others?"
Raphael said: "You still are completely blind. Did you ever see someone whose limbs grew up at once? How long does it take before a human being is physically completely grown up, and how long until his soul will be completely matured by life? Do you think that God, who is Wisdom Himself, would somehow forget His order? Oh, absolutely not. God is the most perfect Order Himself and knows very precisely what He, how He and why He is doing it in such a way.
Look at the high mountains around us. Many thousands of years ago they were more than twice as high, and the valleys were more than twice as deep as they are now - measured from the top of the mountains. But at that time such deep valleys were still completely uninhabited. They were exclusively lakes with all kinds of gigantic aquatic animals in it.
Then the great Lord and Master of eternity let terrible storms with lightning break out. They crushed the high mountains, and the deep valleys were formed with the rubbish. Instead of the big lakes, soon big mighty rivers flowed over the filled-up plains of the valleys, and with their power they rolled the smaller pieces of stone on the bottom continuously around, by which they were crushed even more, and consequently became even much smaller. For, all the sand in the streams, rivers, brooks and seas existed because of the continuous as much as possible reducing of the real gigantic high mountains of the prehistoric times into the finest parts. When the valleys were filled up in this way, the Lord made the rivers slowly but surely to dry up, and so its shores turned slowly into fertile land.
And what happened in the prehistoric times of the Earth is still happening today, although on a smaller scale. And so, you see that God the Lord is in Himself the eternal Order, and does not need to hurry in any way. For it is precisely His highest happiness to see how in the whole eternal infinity everything comes forth, and has to come forth, in perfect order, one from the other. Therefore, your question why the regions on the solid Earth were not made habitable at once was really superfluous.
Look, I still will tell you something more. The great sea will be shifted every 14,000 years from the south of the Earth to the north or from the north of the Earth to the south. From now in about 8,000 to 9,000 years the great ocean will be high above this mountain, on which we are standing now and are talking about it. On the other hand, in the south, big regions will be made dry, and men and animals will find sufficient food there. At this occasion, again a few, until now unripe and uninhabited places on the northern half of the Earth will become ripe and habitable for future human generations. That means, as soon as the northern half of the Earth will again be free from the sea.
Now I think that I have said sufficiently to you who are a scientist of nature. And I also could tell you this because I know that you wise men from the morning land know very well the shape and nature of the whole Earth, although you are always hiding it from the other people. Do you still have a question now?"
The magician said: "No, young friend, who are to me completely incomprehensible and wise. You speak about the whole Earth as if you had been present since prehistoric times when it was created and had seen what happened to it. And the most remarkable is that we, in honor and conscience, cannot contradict you at all. Because according to our many experiences in the great world, it is precisely as you have told us now, and the existence of a true, eternal God is proven to us clearer than the sunlight, and we do not need more now because we also know now by you what we have to do in order to truly find God.
How much we would like to reward you more than royally for this great goodness, if ever you would accept a reward. But you already have expressly resisted against it, and so there is nothing left for us except to thank you out of the deepest of our heart, and to ask you once more to remember us when you will be with God the eternal Lord.
But now, I still would like to exchange a few words with the Man who attracted me so much during the evening meal. After that, being comforted, we will gladly leave this mountain and go down to our men and tell them and prove them that we finally have found entirely what we have searched for in vain for such a long time. May I now speak a few words with that Man?"