Jesus' Precepts and Deeds through His Three Years of Teaching

The Lord on the Mount of Olives. (cont.) Gospel of John, Chapter 8

- Chapter 116 -
Asking for the truth.

ow I answered: "Oh yes, just come closer. Even if this night is rather dark, we hopefully will know each other better also at night. What actually do you have to ask Me? What more do you want, apart from what My young looking servant has told and shown you? Speak, but do not use many words."
The magician said: "You are indeed a truly great and wise Man. You attracted my attention in the hall, and my heart was so moved by Your sight and attracted to You that I really had to contain myself, so as not to unmannerly rush towards You and to press You forcibly to my heart. This was a feeling that I never had before, and therefore I wanted to ask You why I and also my two companions felt so much attracted to You, while we could admire Your lovely servant in a very even-tempered way. O dear Man, do solve this mystery for us."
I said: "Light awakes light, love awakes love, and life awakes life, because a dead person cannot raise a dead person and a blind one cannot be a leader of blind people. That is the cause of what you have felt for Me. All the other things you will hear later on."
These words made a deep impression on the three. They kept silent and thought deep in themselves about it, but we continued to watch quietly to the phenomenon in the south.
After some time of deep thinking about the words that the magician heard from Me, he said to one of his two companions: "Listen, He must be a very wise Man, because with a few words He said so very much that you could think and talk about it for many years. Oh, if only He still would tell us a few more of such words, how happy would we be. But just like all wise men, He seems to be a Man of few words, for most of the time they find the questions too silly and narrow-minded that we, as men who are still not so wise, are asking them, even if, according to us, they seem to be intelligent. However, He said Himself that love awakes love, and we love Him already so very much now, and therefore I will still ask Him something before we go to our inn."
The other two agreed on that, and the magician came again to Me and said: "O dear, wise Man, since I understood from Your words that You are very wise, I could no longer resist the inner urge of my heart to bother You with another question, because You said that love awakes love and from that I conclude that You love us and Your love for us has therefore awakened our fervent love for You, because otherwise we could not love You so much as we are loving You. And if You love us as we also love You, You will not be angry at us if I still bother You with another little question."
I said: "Oh, certainly not, for you still have time enough to ask Me something, and you have also time to listen to Me, just as I also have the time to answer you. Therefore, you surely can ask Me a question. Then I will answer you in My own way.
However, ask about things that are worthy of a true human being. Because man is worried and troubled about many things, but there is only one thing that he needs, and that one is the truth. If man would possess everything and the truth would be lacking to him, then he would be the poorest being of the world.
Therefore, let man above all search for the truth, which is the real Kingdom of God on Earth. If he has found that Kingdom, then he also has found everything. Thus, do not ask me anything else but the truth, for only this is what you need."
Then the magician said: "Yes, noble, wise Man, what You have said is very true and wise. The truth in all things and spheres is truly the highest possession of man who thinks and who is aware of his existence. Everything that is lacking to the one who thinks and seeks is not as bad for him as the very regrettable lack of truth. But where can he find it?
We are searching for the truth for over 30 years, and only here we have found the right track, but we still have not found it in its full light. Therefore, I am asking You, who seem to have already found the truth in its fullness: what is the truth, where is it, and where can we find it?
The person who thinks little or often not at all, is of course quickly satisfied, because he also accepts the lie for truth. He believes, and his blind faith makes him satisfied and happy. However, it is quite different with thinking and searching man. He cannot believe blindly. He must have light to see and to grasp the truth if life is to mean anything to him, for without full proofs of the truth, the thinker and searcher is the most miserable being on the whole world, more miserable than a twisting worm trampled down in the dust, which will hardly feel that it exists.
We are thinkers and seekers and we feel very miserable because we cannot find the truth. However, because we were able to track down the truth through the young, wise and truly divine mighty man, and since You have pointed out to us that we must only be worried and concerned about the truth, and that we would possess everything if we possess the truth, we still want to ask you this question, as we already said before: what is the truth, where is it and where can we find it?"