Jesus' Precepts and Deeds through His Three Years of Teaching

The Lord on the Mount of Olives. (cont.) Gospel of John, Chapter 8

- Chapter 122 -
The magicians recognize the Lord.

he chief magician said to the others: "Let us be quiet because it seems to me that in this wise Man we have found the Spirit of God, because nobody has ever spoken like Him before."
And so they went on discussing about Me for some time. But we were resting and were looking at the ever-changing light.
When I spoke again about certain things - about the structure of the Earth and about all kinds of phenomena on and in the Earth - they came back and listened to My words.
When I had finished the explanation, which I already gave a few times before, the magician said to his companions: "Only He who created the Earth can know its inside and outside so precisely."
The magician wanted now to ask Me a few questions but he did not dare. However, I called him unto Me and allowed him to ask Me what he wanted, then I would answer him.
He came to Me very respectfully and said: "Lord, Lord, what should and what can I still ask You now? The purpose of all my other questions was to find the only and true God, to recognize and to worship Him in my heart. And I believe now that I have found the One whom I searched in vain for a long time. Therefore, I have nothing more to ask except if You also would like to reveal Your will to us strangers. It will be our most holy life task to follow it as strictly as possible.
What must we do to be worthy that You should have mercy on us and therefore to receive eternal life for our souls after physical death? O Lord, this is the only thing that we are asking You."
I said: "Are you really quite sure that in Me lives the One who you were searching for such a long time and still could not find?"
The magician said: "My feeling told me that already before when in Your holy speech You told the man next to You openly who You are, and therefore there is no more doubt in my mind that You are also the One whom we are worshipping now in our heart.
It was not in vain when Your young servant has indicated to us that we have come close to the great truth full of light. You Yourself are the great and brightest truth and the Mediator Himself between Your Spirit and men. He who has You, has everything: light, life, wisdom and strength.
One can however only possess You by knowing Your will and acting according to it. For never can a created limited being have You because You in Yourself are God from eternity, but man can have Your holy revealed will and act accordingly with all his strength. If one will do that, he will posses You in himself, then he recognizes You, loves and worships You.
Therefore, I am asking You once more urgently, to reveal to us Your holy will, so that we then can really say to ourselves: o Lord and Father of eternity, Your holy will be done also in us, through us and for us, in order that Your holy eyes may find pleasure in us, Your created beings and children of Your love."
I said: "Yes, yes, My dear friend, you have thought very truly and correctly and have also spoken correctly, but you can see Me - a human being like you - as the one true God. Do you not realize that I also was born and I am a human being like you with flesh and blood and a soul? Did God ever had a beginning and could He ever be born as a human being?"
The magician said: "The eternal God lives in the fullness of His spiritual power visibly in You and has of course never had a beginning and could never have come into this world out of a woman, but this God has given You a body, send as a true Mediator into this world and has filled You with His spirit.
Whoever then sees and recognizes You, will also see Him who is in You, and whoever does Your will shall also recognize You inside of him. You are truly completely the One whom the three of us have searched for in vain for such a long time, and this opinion of us will remain.
Moreover, You just now have spoken to Your friend, who seems to be a Roman - we have seen such men who were also called Romans in other places. You talked as only a God can talk, and this confirms even more the truth of our opinion, and it is correct without any doubt. You surely will have Your wise reason why You choose not to make Yourself fully known to us. But this also we do not ask, because by far we do not consider ourselves worthy. And we also do not desire a sign from You, o Lord, by which we could eventually realize even more that You are the One who we have searched for such a long time and have now completely found.
What Your young servant has said and done in our presence is as a sign enough, but for us the greatest and most valuable sign are the more than holy words that we have heard coming out of Your mouth. Because they told us clearly and distinctly: no man but only God can speak that way out of Himself.
Since we have come to realize this now, we ask You, despite our great unworthiness, to reveal to us what we must do to obtain everlasting life for our souls and to participate in Your grace."
I said: "Now then, because you believe so strongly that I am the Lord, then do what My servant has told you before, then you shall live and be blessed. Love God above all and your fellowman as yourself, and teach the same to your children and your family. Do not consider yourself as human being to be above your fellowman because of your great worldly treasures. Do for them the same as you can reasonably expect that they also will do the same for you. Then you shall live and God's grace will stay with you forever.
You already know the law of Moses. Observe it in every way, because in this law, the best and purest life order has been made known to man. If he keeps it, he also will love God above all and his fellowman as himself. In this law, all wisdom of life is given, of which other and older wise men have given the people only something partially to taste.
Since the word represents for you the greatest sign of My divine mission, you also should stay by the word and act accordingly, then you shall live. I do not mean a limited life but an eternal life for your souls. Do you all understand this?"