Jesus' Precepts and Deeds through His Three Years of Teaching

The Lord on the Mount of Olives. (cont.) Gospel of John, Chapter 8

- Chapter 123 -
The acceptance of the Word of the Lord in India.

he magician said: "Since You, o Lord, said this to us, we now also believe it firmly and we will put it strictly into practice like maybe no other people in the world. But now another question comes up, namely: shall we go back to India again or do we have to avoid this old sinful country as our worst enemy of death, or do we have to go back home and bring to the blind the light which we have finally found after searching so long? It is true that we decided to forever avoid our country of which we know all too well how the situation is, and to spend the rest of our lives with foreign people. But because we now have found in You the One for whom we have left our country a long time ago, it changes our first decision and we also want to act in this matter completely according to Your will."
I said: "Consider the following: a prophet is nowhere less honored than in his homeland. You are known in your country as men with somewhat exaggerated ideas. That is why they let you make such long trips, because you often have influenced their conscience too much. Coming back home with a true light, you would find little acceptance with them, and with the very foolish people even much less. Therefore, for the salvation of your souls it is better for you to keep your first decision. Send your servants to your country in order to finish your tasks in your name and then let them come back here again. Do not trouble yourselves any further because your country is still almost 2,000 years too young for My light. That means: too blind and too foolish. You however will meet people in the west who will be more favorably inclined toward My light than your people back home. To them, you may tell what you have received here.
In the future, the old land of the east to which once the greatest light was given, will have to wander around in continuous darkness for a long time, and the light of life will be poured out toward the west. Even this place where the light of life has risen now, will come into utter night and darkness. For also this people, except for a few, has no knowledge of this most important and most blessed visitation. Woe to the people from whom the light will be taken away and be given to the gentiles.
You are strangers coming from the east, and you have found and recognized Me. And it were also strangers out of your country who, when I clothed Myself with the body of this world, were the first who have searched and found Me already as a newly born baby. However, out of this old chosen people only a very few have recognized Me. Until now they have persecuted Me even more. No matter how, and wherever they could. Therefore, the light will also be taken away from them and be given to the gentiles.
But before the light will ever pierce through again in this region, it will come in your land at the great sea. Do you all understand all this?"
The magician said: "I understand, o Lord, but I am surprised that the children of this land do not recognize You. You certainly must have performed great miracles before the children of this country, and still they do not recognize You? Oh, my most foolish fellow citizens certainly would not be so blind. With many of them - as with us - Your word alone would be sufficient. And if ever our high priest would see such a sign, like some were performed by Your servant, then also he would have accepted that light, even if he probably would not have given this light further on to his people, because the people know already since memorable times nothing else except its blind belief and is therefore perhaps incapable to accept such a light. However, that is not our fault, but of the time and because of some of our very greedy ancestors. In short, the blindness of the people can be explained because there never has been a light that shone among them. However, the blindness of the people here is incomprehensible because they have the sun at its highest point, but they prefer the darkness, as it can be found into the deepest caves in the mountains of the Earth.
We did everything we could to search the light and we are now more than happy that we have finally found it, and they have it in their own country right before their eyes and they run away from it, despise it and persecute it. Oh, they must be very bad and totally blind, who are not even worthy to be called human. If this is how this people are, it is also very just that You, o Lord, take away all the light from them and give it to the gentiles who apparently are more worthy of it, because this shows Your eternal justice which is full of the greatest light, and this is for us again new proof that You are the One who we have searched for such a long time."
I said: "Yes, yes, this is unfortunately the situation with My people. Therefore, I will awaken other nations, already now and even more so in the future, yet it will always be so that among the many who are called only few will be chosen."
The magician said: "O Lord, what do You mean by this? Will there always be many who are called but only few who are chosen? This word out of Your divine mouth does not sound very stimulating for future salvation - if You mean it like it has been said. Because by the 'few chosen' I understand those people for whom the true light of life will shine continually and by the 'many called' all people who indeed have to come to the light but because of all kinds of circumstances and reasons are hindered and will thus never come to the light, just like our own fellow citizens.
We, who are only few, can now also consider ourselves as being chosen, but all the people of our country who unfortunately are not so lucky, do not even belong to the ones who are called. What will be their fate after the falling away of their body?
Apparently this nation belongs to the called ones and in their midst there are still some who are chosen to whom they can go for counseling if they want. But among us, there are no chosen ones and also no one who is called, and therefore the destiny of the great Indian people is very sorrowful, that means if Your last words have to be understood like that, if these are somehow spoken for all places and times."
I said: "You did not understand these words of Mine correctly and therefore I have to explain them further."