Jesus' Precepts and Deeds through His Three Years of Teaching

The Lord on the Mount of Olives. (cont.) Gospel of John, Chapter 8

- Chapter 129 -
The field of activity of the apostles and the children of God in the beyond.

ll of us had a good rest in the tents, and the new day started with a clear morning. I and Peter, John and James got up already a good half hour before sunrise and observed nature's awakening from sleep. The birds were already very active and greeted the soon to rise sun with their diverse singing. In the east there was a display of little pink clouds with golden edges, the peaks of the high mountains were glowing, and out of the valley of the Jordan white mists were gradually lifting up. An orderly flight of crane birds came out of the direction of Galilee but soon changed their direction westward, because the smell from the still mightily steaming Dead Sea forced the clever creatures of the air to turn to the west toward the sea. So there were still a few other scenes and appearances accompanying a beautiful autumn morning of which the long sleepers did not see anything because those things can usually only be seen before sunrise.
John, delighted with the beautiful morning, said: "Lord, once in Your Heavens, will there be also such beautiful mornings?"
I Said: "Well, not exactly such, but there the mornings will even be indescribably more glorious and will last longer, because you cannot extend this morning, but the heavenly one can and will be eternal. For I am telling you what I have already told you often: no fleshly eye has ever seen and no heart experienced all the heavenly joy that God has prepared for those who love Him. In this earthly condition you would not be capable to bear even a little bit of it, but once that My Spirit will have penetrated you completely, then you also will be capable of bearing the morning of My Heavens with overabundant delight."
John said: "Lord, in Heaven, will we see also this Earth?"
I said: "Not only this one, but endlessly many others as well, because you, as My children and by the flesh My brothers, will rule with Me the entire infinite creation and must of course see what you will rule."
John said further: "Lord, what kind of spirits are now under Your direction ruling the infinity of Your creations? It is clear that You are the chief and original ruler but You have by Your side countless legions of the mightiest angels, like our Raphael. Are they the ones who serve You, in accordance with Your will by taking care of Your infinite creations or are there still numerous others? Then what will they do when one day we shall receive the favor to take care of the endless creation at Your side?"
I said: "O My dear John, you still know so little concerning the things of God's Kingdom and you still are really childish in it. Is not the Spirit of My Father who dwells within Me the ruler of infinity from eternity to eternity? All the angels are filled with this Spirit that is and must be all in all everywhere. When you shall be perfected, could you possibly become perfected by any other spirit but by Mine?
Look, there are indeed an endless number of created souls, but all perfected souls are filled by only one Spirit and through this Spirit they have everlasting life, wisdom, love, might and power by which they are just like Me active in the Heavens and also are co-rulers of the worlds and their created beings in the material and endless regions of space.
But all this and endlessly more other things you will only be able to realize and understand once you are perfected, which will happen soon after I shall have ascended from this world in My perfect divinity and also in your divinity or to and in My God and to and in your God.
For I Myself must first be completely in Me, in God, the Father of eternity in order to send and give you My Spirit. As soon as it will come, it will then lead you into all truths that are still incomprehensible to you all, and then you will do the same and even greater things than I Myself am doing now. However, how that will be possible My Spirit that will enlighten your souls will teach you.
But now, also the others who are here are waking up and will soon be on their feet. Right now the sun is just appearing above the horizon. So let us be quiet now for a while and watch the phenomena that often appear at the time of sunrise, yet it bears the character of something new and rare, as hardly any other appearance in the nature of this Earth.
There we have the 3 magicians coming up, who still tonight, when we took the necessary rest, went down to their men in town and spoke with them a few hours about everything that they have seen here, have experienced and heard. The three men will still render us today very good services with a few foolish Pharisees who will come as uninvited guests from Jerusalem to Emmaus, and they will become very good friends of the perfected men from the inland of Back-Egypt. But now a little silence."
We kept very quiet and the other guests woke up and everything became more lively.