Jesus' Precepts and Deeds through His Three Years of Teaching

The Lord on the Mount of Olives. (cont.) Gospel of John, Chapter 8

- Chapter 131 -
On the way to Emmaus.

hen we had left Jerusalem completely behind us and came close to the column that Raphael had placed there, we met two poor people going to Jerusalem to beg for alms. One of the two was completely blind, but the other could see and was guiding the blind man. Both of them however looked very pitiful and were asking us if we were not disposed to give them alms because they were very poor and in great misery.
I said to them: "Tell Me, what do you prefer, health and strength, so that instead of begging you can go to work and earn your own bread, or we will give you suitable alms?"
Both of them said: "Lord, we do not know You. If You are capable to give us the first, then this would be much more pleasing, but because this is surely impossible we still ask You for alms, whatever You wish to give us."
I said: "If you could believe, then the first could also be possible for you."
The blind man said: "That all things are possible with God we know and this we do believe both of us, but God does not perform any more miracles because men became too bad and wicked, starting with the high priest and unto us. Because the commandments of God were rejected and they have given us other ones which are bad and miserable. If however the laws are bad, then the people who have to keep the bad laws become also bad, because as the teaching is, so is also faith and the knowledge of the people. Thus the people have rejected God and are now worshiping again the golden calf, and so God has rejected them also and will soon bring an angry judgment over them because my guide who can see, described to me the signs in the night of the day before yesterday, and those are showing nothing that is good for the people who have become completely unfaithful. And so You see, kind Man - because according to Your voice this is what You are - that certainly in this evil time God may not, cannot and will not perform any more miracles."
I said: "Man, although you have lost the light of your eyes 10 years ago by the malice of your jealous neighbor, as well as your possessions by his evil intrigue, you have well preserved the light of your heart, and so also you will now receive the light of your eyes back. I will that you can see again and regain the full strength of your body."
At that moment, the blind man could see everything and he got also his full manly power back. He was so surprised that he could not utter a word.
After a few moments he fell down on his knees before Me and said with a very emotional but nevertheless manly voice: "Lord, whoever You may be I do not know but that You have made me now seeing that I know. More is needed than being a doctor in our human manner. You did not use any ointment, You did not touch my eyes with any finger but only by Your will I could see again. Lord, then You must be filled with God's Spirit like the old and greatest prophets. Yes Lord, You have now healed me in a wonderful way, but what do I as a poor man, have to do in return for that?"
I said: "Nothing else except to keep God's commandments. Go your way and work, stay in the country and nourish yourself moderately. And you, who were his former guide, do likewise and so become strong and healthy."
Also him, who was partially lame, suddenly felt completely healthy and strong, thanked Me also on his knees and then asked Me: "Lord, You wonderful great prophet, because You who are performing such miracles and really knew how my companion lost the light of his eyes, so You also must be able to tell us where we should go in order to receive a moderate salary for our work, because at this time it is difficult to quickly receive work somewhere."
I said: "Go to Bethany to Lazarus and tell both of his sisters who are now alone at home, what had happened to you and that I am sending you. Then you will be accepted immediately and will be taken into service. But stand up now and do what I have told you."
After that, both of them expressed their thanks once more, got up and continued their way.
On the way to Bethany they were seriously discussing about Me and about those who were with Me. They were wondering who I should be, and what and who the others were. They took Me for a great prophet, maybe even Elijah who came back. But what and who My companions were they could not agree. They were hoping to come to know all this in Bethany.
But I had much to deal with the 3 magicians because this was the first sign that they saw of Me.
The chief magician said: "Lord, now I see that You are a God, because only God can do something like this."
But on the way to Emmaus I said: "Be calm, you are saying this because you do not know what is in man, but in Emmaus you will all know more about it."
Then the three did not ask anything more.