Jesus' Precepts and Deeds through His Three Years of Teaching

The Lord on the Mount of Olives. (cont.) Gospel of John, Chapter 8

- Chapter 135 -
Agricola and the shepherds.

fter I said that to the poor people, a few shepherds came to the hut to see if the sick people had already died.
However, when they saw us, they wanted to leave right away, but our Agricola went quickly outside, called the shepherds and said: "Did you come to bring these poor people some food and drink or did you want to help or comfort them in one way or another?"
The shepherds said: "Lord, not the one nor the other, but we came as servants of our lord, who is a severe man. He ordered us to see if today this family is still living here or if they had already died. In any case he wants this old hut to be evacuated even today, because he ordered some construction workers for the first day after the Sabbath to rebuild the hut, and therefore this poor naked rabble must be put out."
Agricola said: "I cannot blame you for the fact that you are doing what your boss is ordaining you to do, but you surely knew how great the need of this family was. Why did you never do something good for this poor family?"
The shepherds said: "Sir, we already have to take care of ourselves in order to survive. How must we then still take care of other poor people? Our boss is such a thrifty man that he does not give so much to us, his servants, to be able to give also something to other poor people. We hardly survive ourselves, how could we then help other people to survive?"
Agricola said: "This is very sad for you. Look, spokesman, this family is now helped at once in a more than royal way, and their benefactors would also have been helped for always. But because you are equally unmerciful and heartless as your boss, you also do not have to expect any reward from us. Besides, tell your boss also that I as one of the most important, richest and most powerful Romans of Rome would have build a royal palace instead of a new hut, and even would have given him 10,000 mornings of land, if only he had taken better care of this poor family. Let him now, in exchange of his mercy, share with you the salary that you have now received. Shame on you Jews, who call yourselves 'children of God', that we gentiles are exceeding you sky-high in mercy. What is the name of this brilliant lord of yours anyway, and what is he?"
Totally astonished, one of the shepherds said: "Our lord is a very rich citizen of Jerusalem and his name is Barabe, furthermore he is nothing."
Agricola said: "Very well. Tell him that this family, that was once so poor, will come with us right now. Then you and your brilliant boss can do with this hut whatever you want. However, this will not bring you any luck. That I can guarantee. And now, just wait a while until you can see the poor family leave, so that you can tell your brilliant boss that the hut has been totally evacuated."
Then Agricola went again into the hut and the shepherds were staring at each other in amazement, and one of them said: "You see now. You laughed at me when I told you about my dream concerning these poor people, and you were even criticizing me when I shared my small bread a few times with the naked children, and later, when they wanted to come to me again, you threatened them and chased them away. This is now the result. I have always said it: 'one time, a miracle is going to happen to these people, and it would be good to do something nice for them', but then you laughed at me, and now I am laughing because you have received such a good salary for your bright intellect."
In this same way, the shepherds continued their conversation for some time, until we came out of the hut, together with the now well-dressed family, and went on our way. When the shepherds saw the now rich looking family, they were astonished because they noticed that they were completely healed.
The oldest boy however went to the only kindhearted shepherd and said: "Whatever you will find in the hut is yours".
Because in the hut remained a basket with a loaf of bread and a stone bottle full of wine, and several very expensive golden coins, wrapped in a cloth where the garments were put in.
When we went a few steps further, the other shepherds also wanted to go into the hut, so that they could share with him what was left behind.
Agricola noticed it, went back quickly and said to the insolent shepherds: "If you dare to take away only one crumb of bread of this kind-hearted man, I will crucify you even today! Remember that well! A Roman keeps his word!"
When the shepherds heard this verdict they run away.
However, to the one shepherd Agricola said: "Take what you will find and go to reside in the city, because from now on you will not have to be a servant anymore."
Then Agricola came back to us again and we went to the city. Many of those who followed us from the Mount of Olives were waiting at the gate and welcomed us.
And Agricola said, pointing at this poor family: "The ways of the Lord are always full of wonders and good deeds!"