Jesus' Precepts and Deeds through His Three Years of Teaching

The Lord on the Mount of Olives. (cont.) Gospel of John, Chapter 8

- Chapter 137 -
The curiosity of the citizens of Emmaus.

he two Romans came to us, and when they saw Agricola who was well known to them, they were so joyful that they did not know what to do. For it was thanks to Agricola that they possessed all their earthly happiness, and they came to the land of the Jews to increase their knowledge of the true God and His will. Of course, they told him immediately about the many things that they came to know already, but Agricola said to them that all this meant as good as nothing compared to what they would hear, see and experience still today. That of course made the two Romans greatly wonder and now they asked him if he knew for sure that the Upper-Egyptians would come today.
But Agricola said nothing further except: "My dear old friends, believe firmly what will be said to you today, because everything will be precisely fulfilled, and all too soon you will be able to witness this when later on the peculiar people of Upper-Egypt will arrive here."
The two Romans said: "No, today it was easier for us to imagine anything else than the fact that today something so excitingly surprising would happen to us!"
Many things were still discussed here in the open, but then one group after the other came in and met each other, so that it became very lively in this open space. Finally, also our Lazarus with Raphael arrived, together with the many slave children whose charm and beauty was greatly admired by the two Romans. They even considered Raphael as a god.
However, Agricola and now also the other already present Romans said: "It looks like it, but actually it is quite different. But do not ask anything now, for you will be enlightened about everything at the right time."
The two Romans were complying with that, but were still asking if it would not be more appropriate to withdraw to one or the other inn. Because so many people outside at this unusual time would make a sensation in a small place like this. It would therefore be more advisable to go to a large inn.
This was a good idea and we went to the large inn of Nicodemus.
However, there were still a few citizens who noticed that all of us went to that place and therefore they also followed one by one to see what was happening.
But our Nicodemus said to them: "Friends, today this is not of your concern, because you can see that the highly ranked Romans want to keep a great and important conference here, which will be attended by me and a few prominent Jews. Therefore, withdraw from this place in a discreet way, otherwise you could get into trouble, because the Romans discovered something that made them not - as far as I have heard - very pleased with you. Therefore, withdraw as soon as possible and do not show up for the rest of the day."
After this warning from Nicodemus the curious people left as soon as possible, and we stayed the whole day free from the crowd, because as soon as the people of Emmaus heard something about the highly ranked Romans, they went away and even stayed the whole day outside of the city, and only late at night they came back home again.
When Nicodemus chased the curious citizens of Emmaus away in such a manner, he came back and said: "Now we can move around more freely, because these curious people will stay away now for the whole day, and nobody will show up again, not even from a distance. However, if I have done it completely correctly by putting them away for the whole day with a clever trick instead of the whole truth, well, that is of course a completely different question. But I think by myself: if one can achieve something good in a manner that is surely not bad, then one must use it without questioning. Because how many times must sensible and wise parents lead their own children with all kinds of cleverness and tricks if they want to make real men out of them. With the pure naked truth we could not accomplish much with children."
I said: "Your method was good anyway and also true, and with this you also have achieved something good for the whole day. Whoever wants to come to the full life's light of the truth must first cross through the field of the lie and deceptions, without which nobody can come to the full truth.
Look, the whole world, yes even the body of man and all that is physical is for the soul and the spirit a deception and therefore also a lie. But without that world, not one soul could come to the full truth of life. However, looking deeper into it, also the physical world is not a deception and not a lie but also the full truth. But this lies not in the open, but is hidden within and can be found through corresponding images.
Therefore, your presumed trick was then also not a lie but truth, because what is important here is to win the gentiles and not to win the Jews, who have already received the right light from Moses. If they do not want to use it, it is their own fault if they perish in their darkness that they have wanted themselves. And look, this is why you have spoken well when you said to the citizens that a conference of the Romans is being held here, and thus what you have done, you have done very well. But right now, also the 7 men from the inland of Upper-Egypt have arrived here. Tell the Romans that they should prepare for their reception."
Nicodemus went immediately to the Romans who were sitting at the table and he told them so. The two Romans stood up immediately and asked Nicodemus who it was who told him.
And Nicodemus said: "Him who knows this and infinitely much more, and who you also will learn to know better today. Now do not ask further but go outside to meet those who are coming."