Jesus' Precepts and Deeds through His Three Years of Teaching

The Lord on the Mount of Olives. (cont.) Gospel of John, Chapter 8

- Chapter 138 -
Arrival of the 7 Upper-Egyptians. Words of the Egyptian to the Lord that proves a deep insight. About the right kind of food.

pon this, the two Romans hurried outside and when they came at the door opening, the 7 men of Upper-Egypt were already standing at the threshold of the large inn. And the leader, who, as known, did not allow a few years ago the Roman expedition to continue their way, went to the Roman whom he knew well, and stretched out his dark brown hand and said: "I greet you as my friends, just as a few years ago in the inland of Upper-Egypt I let you go as friends. You still have thought many times about me, and based on what you have heard from me you traveled to this place in order to receive a greater insight into the nature of a true human being and a better understanding within yourselves, but you did not suspect that you could also meet me here in this country.
However, I did not so much come here for the sake of you but more for the sake of someone whom you do not know yet, so that He also can baptize us with the fire of the eternal truth of His Spirit. Even yesterday, He announced it to His disciples that we would come to give a true testimony before Him. And today He came here also with His disciples, for He surely knew that we would come here because He called us to this place with His almighty will. Therefore, let us go into this inn and let us bow down before Him whose helpless children we still are."
The two Romans said: "Are you referring to the famous Savior from Galilee of whom we have heard strange things indeed, but whom we did not meet personally yet?"
The Egyptian said: "Yes, yes, friends, that is the One we mean. Let us therefore hurry to Him."
Then the Romans opened the door of the large dining-hall and the 7 Egyptians entered the hall with great reverence, walked straight towards Me, bowed deep before Me, and the leader said: "In this manner, o Lord from eternity, it has pleased You to clothe Yourself in the human flesh. For this, be praised in eternity by all created beings for whom You have now opened the large gate to enter Your infinite great Kingdom of life.
When You, in Your original Spirit were mightily filling all of infinity, creating countless beings out of Yourself, no creature was free from Your wisdom and might, but were bound by Your will. But now, You have bound Yourself with the flesh of men, Your created beings, in order to free all created beings and lead them into the Kingdom of Your eternal free God-life. O Lord from eternity, therefore, be once more praised and glorified above all.
You have now made Your created beings so free and independent that they can hear Your words, and You, as their Creator, are even a teacher to them, to show them the ways on which they can become completely equal to You. Oh, let every atom of Your eternal infinity praise You for this forever, for it too is now called to enter one day into a free life.
But now, allow us for a while, great, eternal God, Lord and Creator, to enjoy the contemplation of Your countenance. For listen, all you created beings, all you men: eternities upon eternities passed and countless beings came forth from Him, which He had contemplated as His thoughts, and again they flowed back into Him. But the eyes of a created being have never seen its infinite and eternal Creator. And now, since according to His eternal decision it has pleased Him to make Himself in His eternal nature visible and comprehensible to His created beings, He, the eternal, infinite - without changing His might and greatness - is in human form among you as a visible God. And you see Him and talk to Him, and yet do not understand and grasp whom you have in your midst. Oh, think about what I have told you now and then let all of you say: O Lord, out of me I am forever not worthy of staying with You under the same roof, but speak only one word to me, then my soul will receive eternal life through Your one word."
After this, the Egyptian put his hands crosswise over his breast and looked at Me from head to feet, filled with the greatest thoughts. And his companions did the same. During that moment, no one dared to say anything and all eyes were fixed at Me.
But after a while I said to the Egyptians: "My friends, you who came from the faraway land, are heartily welcome. You should and will be of great service to Me today in the more profound teaching of your brothers here, and for the strengthening of their souls. But you have traveled almost 2 days without food and were only nourished by the spirit. Now your bodies should also receive a strengthening with the fruits of this Earth, and this will be given to you immediately with bread and wine."
The Egyptian apologized however and said that My countenance did strengthen them already more than enough.
But I said: "I know very well that a soul who is filled with the spirit does not feel any physical hunger, but even then the body should receive its natural food because otherwise after some time it may not be a good working tool for the soul anymore. And so also you should first be well nourished in order to become stronger to be of good service to Me for the sake of your brothers."
After these words, they gladly agreed to eat first, and Nicodemus took care of it immediately, so that good wine and also good bread and salt would be served.
When bread and wine and salt were put on a separate table, I said again: "So, children from the faraway land, do sit down, eat and drink."
Immediately the 7 Egyptians sat at the table and they ate and drunk very joyfully, because only now they started to feel that they were really hungry and thirsty. They could not stop praising the quality of the bread and the wine, and they called it food of life from Heaven.
The leader said, while he was still eating and was also drinking now and then: "In my soul I have often tasted this bread and this drink, but such food for the body never came over my fleshly tongue. Truly, in this, all necessary life elements are present, and they do not only strengthen the body but also the soul.
Oh, how far and how deep could men penetrate with this kind of food, into the sphere of inner life if they would know what they are eating and what this food is containing, but they do not know it and they also do not see the day because of the too bright light. But slowly they will see that in this food they are enjoying God's living Word and His will. If they could resolve and understand this in themselves, only then they would become perfect men again, but because by far they still are not capable of that, so during that time they must be and stay disciples until they can understand it in themselves and bring it into their lives."
All those who were present were very surprised about these remarks of the Egyptian who brought all this forward in a very simple and humble way. Even My oldest disciples received some totally new and bright lights, but not one of them had the courage to start a discussion with the Egyptian.
Our 3 magicians said to themselves: "Now only we can see how much is still lacking in us. Oh, what difference there is between us and these 7 men."
Lazarus came from behind Me and said: "O Lord, the wisdom of this one makes me totally fainthearted. We are now at the original Source, yet how enormously far is he already ahead of us."
I said: "Never mind about that, you all will also come to that point and even much further, but you should have patience and zeal, because a tree in the forest cannot fall down with one stroke. I did bring those true men here - although they are only a few - not to make you feel ashamed, but only for your true instruction. Then you will see what true men can do and what you will be able to do when you will be changed into true men by observing My teaching.
But now let them first eat and drink, for truly, they have not eaten for 2 days and also did not drink much. But now Nicodemus can start preparing, so that we also can quickly receive something to eat and drink, as well as our young people in the next room, where Raphael and you have accommodated them."
When I said that to Lazarus, he went soon to Nicodemus and brought him the message, and immediately he put everybody in the large inn to great activity.