Jesus' Precepts and Deeds through His Three Years of Teaching

The Lord on the Mount of Olives. (cont.) Gospel of John, Chapter 8

- Chapter 139 -
The two Romans recognize the Lord. The Lord cautions them not to make Him known too soon.

ow also the two Romans - named Agrippa and Laius - escorted by Agricola came to Me and bowed deeply. And Agrippa, also a noble Roman of royal descent, said to Me: "Lord, it was very heartbroken to us when we heard the praise that the to us well known men from the faraway Upper-Egypt gave You. Really, if they were other men than those who we came to know a few years ago in their very meager land, then we would think that You met them somewhere before and brought them here to testify in Your favor in return of a good reward - what on Earth is very well possible in order to mislead people. But with these people such a deal would be impossible to conclude because they are rulers over nature that has to give them everything they need, and they despise every normal reward from the people.
Yesterday, when those blind Pharisees were showing all too clearly by their wicked words and attitude that they wanted to persecute You, I myself described the Egyptians as an example of higher gifted and more perfected men. For I wanted to make them (that is the Pharisees) to understand by my experiences that You also could very well be such a perfected Man, against whom we as men with our weapons could accomplish nothing. Anyway, for this reason I and my brother Laius brought those blacks (that is those Pharisees) at least to some thinking, what was certainly good. But I could not imagine that we would see these people back here with us in Emmaus, and even less the fact that You Yourself - according to the information given by our dear friend Agricola - have told word for word our whole story about these perfected men to Your disciples on the Mount of Olives, at the same time that I have told it here in Emmaus to the Pharisees.
From this, the two of us have concluded that, despite Your now complete human form and appearance, You must be in Your inner Spirit irrefutably the true God and Creator of all beings from eternity. Because if You in Your Spirit did not exist from eternity - that means completely without beginning - then there must have been another one out of whom You Yourself would have come forth, what would give us one primordial God and one who did exist through time. However, this does not seem possible to us because the primordial existence of the true God is also only the condition for a primordial power and might that is undeniable in You, what we already had come to know from a reliable source. And because of this wondrous fact, and also because these perfected men did recognize it with the sharpness of their spirit, we both hurried to You in order to greet You as the eternal Lord, God, Creator and Father of the solar and spirit worlds, and to profess truthfully before You and all who are present that we fully believe what we have said openly about You. Lord, forgive us if perhaps now we made any mistake."
I said in a friendly way: "O My dear friends, he who comes to Me as you now have come, does not ever make a mistake before Me, and therefore I also do not have to forgive him any. But what you as men know now, keep it to yourselves for the time being, because the world is not yet ripe to understand such deep truths. If you would relate such things, then they will be offended and by that they will even become more dark and wicked.
However, when you will hear that I have once more ascended to My eternal Heavens, I will pour out My Spirit also over you, and then you may proclaim to all people what you have professed now openly before Me.
But now we will speak to one another as very normal people, as if there would be no difference between us except that you are My disciples and I am your Master. No disciple - while he still has to learn - is as perfect as his master. But once the disciple has learned everything from the master, he also will be as perfect as his master. For this reason, I came into this world so that men would learn from Me to become as perfect as the Father in Heaven is perfect.
Because if the people of this Earth are destined and called to become children of God, they also must be completely equal to God, because whoever will not be equal to God in everything will also not become a child of God, and will not come to God as long as he will not be completely equal to God.
Now therefore, My teaching is a true gospel because it proclaims to the people and shows them the way how they can become completely equal to God. Therefore, whoever hears My word, believes it, keeps it within him and lives according to it, he will be the one who will become equal to God, have eternal life in him and will be extremely happy forever."