Jesus' Precepts and Deeds through His Three Years of Teaching

The Lord on the Mount of Olives. (cont.) Gospel of John, Chapter 8

- Chapter 144 -
The Pharisees are visiting Nicodemus.

hen they saw Nicodemus, they went immediately to him and said to him: "Because you knew that we would visit you this afternoon for an important matter, you surely could have waited for us in your house, conforming honor and decency. But because we can of course see that you have a great number of foreign guests with you to whom apparently you want to give a pleasant afternoon, we certainly want to excuse you. But who are those foreigners? The others, those who are from here, from Jerusalem and here from the neighborhood, we well know, but who are all those foreigners and where do they come from? Is there today a feast going on in Emmaus of which nobody told us?"
Nicodemus said: "Here are eminent Romans, Greeks, Egyptians and Indians, who arrived today in my inn and who I have escorted to my favorite hill, so that on this beautiful day they can enjoy the view and the nature. But if you want to know more, then you should speak with them yourselves, because they speak all languages."
Then Agricola stepped forward and said: "Since you came here as spies of the temple, you surely will be anxious to know as much as possible concerning new and extraordinary matters, and this you also will.
Look, I, who am now talking to you, am Agricola. I come from Rome and I am one of the most important servants of the emperor and possess full authority. In the name of the emperor I can command about all things and can manage all things, and whatever I command in the name of the emperor, must happen. Those who are around us are my companions and are also prominent servants of the emperor. My two friends here, Agrippa and Laius, you already know. Behind those rocks you can see a few hundred young people of both sexes. They are part of my guard, and the other men serve also for my protection. There in front you can see 3 wise men from India, and those who follow them are lodged near the city. They also are now with me. Here is a young man who, with his will can do more than all powers of the Earth. And here close to us, you can now find the amazing mighty men from Upper-Egypt, of whose power the two Romans have told you very strange things yesterday afternoon. They came here to visit the two Romans.
So, now you know in what kind of company you are, who we are and where we come from and what we can do. If you all want to know these remarkable and perfect men better, then direct yourself to them, because I cannot and may not order them, because they themselves are completely in authority and possess all power in their will. I have spoken, and now it is your turn again."
Then the two Pharisees were looking at the hut that was build on top of the rock formation, and were asking Nicodemus who might be staying in the hut.
But Nicodemus said: "It is written that it is not good when someone knows everything, and this principle you can better apply now also to yourselves if you do not want to provoke these prominent Romans, because as far as I have understood their words, they do not favor the temple so much."
After this answer, the Pharisees did not ask anymore to know who was staying in the hut. But they addressed themselves to the leader of the 7 men from Upper-Egypt and asked him if he was indeed the same man of whom the two Romans were yesterday describing such amazing and unbelievable things.
The man from Upper-Egypt said with a strong voice: "Yes! What do you want from me!? You who are weaned from every spark of the Spirit of God, and furthermore who are persecutors of all men who are filled with God's Spirit and who were showing to other people the ways of the light and living truth! Tell me, what do you want me to do for you!"
These serious words of the man from Upper-Egypt were to the two highly ranked Pharisees not so pleasant. They thought about it if it would be advisable to ask him to perform a sign.
Only after a while they said to the man from Upper-Egypt: "Dear man, we only want to ask you to be so kind to perform here also a sign for us, of which the power of your faith and your will would testify. Because we already have heard from reliable witnesses such remarkable things about you and because you yourself are now here, we also would like to be convinced about your inner power. Therefore perform a sign for us!"
The man from Upper-Egypt said: "Yes, yes, I will perform one, but first you must tell me for what important reasons - just like you yourself have told Nicodemus in the beginning - you have come here today with your servants, because tomorrow it is Sabbath and you should have stayed home in order to make all kinds of preparations, because you may not do anything on the Sabbath. Tell me very precisely and truthfully the important reasons of your present arrival, and then I will perform a sign for you. But do not lie. Because if you lie, I also will perform a sign for you, but not to your benefit but to your ruin."
Then one Pharisee said: "I already can see that we can only speak with you open-heartedly, and therefore I am also not afraid at all to speak here openly the full truth.
Look, in Galilee, which belongs also to the Jews and stands under the jurisdiction of Jerusalem, a prophet has arisen who performs all kinds of signs, and preaches a new teaching against the temple and against us. He deceives the people and sets it up against us. We even know that He claims to be a Son of God, let Himself be praised as the promised Messiah, and is hostile to us who hold on to the law of Moses. We only know too well that He is the son of an old carpenter, who, like his wife, is a simple natural man. However, because the named prophet is persecuting us everywhere, it is hopefully also right that we are persecuting Him and are trying to trace Him up.
Last night however, we came to know by some messengers whom we have sent out, that He is wandering around with His disciples in the neighborhood of Jerusalem and that He is setting up the people against us that cannot leave us indifferent. They certified us that Nicodemus, our colleague, knew well where He was. And that is the reason why we came here to discuss it with Nicodemus and to deliberate with him what this matter was all about and to see what we lawfully can do about it. Look, this is the important reason why we came here."
The man from Upper-Egypt said with a serious face: "Then what would you do with the prophet if He would allow you to catch Him?"
The Pharisee said: "We would immediately deliver Him to court, would investigate severely and witness against Him, and prove to Him of which crime He is guilty to us. If He has offended too much against us and the temple and has broken the law - of which we mostly are already fully convinced - then He must be sentenced to death according to the law."