Jesus' Precepts and Deeds through His Three Years of Teaching

The Lord on the Mount of Olives. (cont.) Gospel of John, Chapter 8

- Chapter 151 -
Divine guidance of humanity.

ut you, with your totally wrong and from God completely deviated temple-conduct, are still very far away from it, and you still will withdraw yourselves further away from it. You are hoping for a Messiah for this world who will once more make of you a great, feared nation and will free you from the by you more than ever hated submission to the Romans. But such a Messiah will not ever come.
The promised true Messiah has however, in the person of the by you so hated Man from Galilee, come to you and wants to establish among you a spiritual Kingdom on Earth and give you back the lost paradise that consists of your totally lost knowledge of the only true God and His will, which stands infinitely much higher than all the kingdoms and treasures on Earth. But this, you do not want, and you persecute the most holy One of all holiness in God and even want to capture and kill Him.
Now judge for yourselves if in this way of thinking and acting you ever can attain to the condition of the true perfect life of man. Speak now and give me a good answer."
One Pharisee says: "Yes, yes, you have surely spoken very rightly, and now we see the great truth, that, because of our own fault we have strayed so infinitely far away from the true goal of human life. But we also see now that in this way we are as good as helplessly lost, because the temple will in its enormous great blindness not change its way of thinking, and thus we are lost, and the meaning of the signs in the sky last night has only now become to us as clear as the sun.
Regarding the four of us here, we will exert all our strength to walk in the ways you have shown us, but of our kind there are still a few more thousands who are still much worse and more evil than we have ever been, and for whom this light will never be lightened. What will become of them if they will persevere stubbornly in their wickedness?"
Raphael said: "You have the opportunity, and this will still remain this way for a short time. Whoever will come voluntarily will be accepted, but whoever will not come, but stubbornly will persevere in his blindness, will perish. Because nobody will be forced to accept this teaching of the inner life, because that would be of no value to his soul. The natural life on this Earth is given to man, yet the inner life he must obtain with his own strength.
I tell you: the secret and the need of the inner perfect life lies in every man so close and clear at hand that the sun at midday hour could not shine brighter. But finally this does not help so much for the necessary freedom of the human soul to decide for himself, since man is from nature lazy and thus passive, which is also necessary, for otherwise man would not have the opportunity to awaken himself to life in order to become an independent master of his true life.
But most people on this Earth do not allow that they should be wakened up from their sweet, lazy sleep. Not even to the point that they could at least experience once how wonderful and pleasant the dawning of the coming day is. They prefer to sleep till midday, and when they then finally wake up, they just start to get irritated that it already has become full daylight and that they were not able to sleep just a little while longer.
Then I ask in the name of the Lord: with whom can this kind of people be compared? The animals have their time for rest and sleep. When they are awake, they are active in their way, just like the ants and the bees, and they are meticulously caring for their future because this lies in their instinct. Man however, who of necessity has a completely free will, despite all revelations finds pleasure in his laziness, and does not want the light, but only the night and the complete darkness, so that he can continue his comfortable, death-bringing sleep.
What else can God do, who with His omnipotence can and may not influence the life of man as in the case of plants and animals, because of the fact that the human life must be utterly free and completely independent, in order not to make of them a judged animal or plant life? Only that which caring parents would do for their children when their hearts are concerned for the happiness and welfare of their sleepy children.
They try to wake up the small ones by means of all kind of noise, and if the children still do not want to wake up, then they must - namely the parents - take a stick and give the children who are too sleepy some unpleasant advices, in order to show to them in an effective way that it is already time to wake up and to start the work of the bright day.
And look, the Lord is doing just that with men, just like He did at all times. Time after time He calls them through His enlightened messengers to wake them up on the already completely bright day. But the children do not care about the calling of the messengers. They even mock them, chase them out of the house and even harm them. Then the Father Himself comes and says loudly: 'But children it is already full daylight, get up and start your easy daily work!'
Then the children are doing what the Israelites did at the time of Moses, acting as if they are awake, wanting to get up immediately to start their light daily work. But as soon as the Father leaves the sleeping room for a while, then the children do not think anymore of His call, but immediately go back to sleep again and sleep even deeper than before.
Again the Father sends messengers to check if the children are already out of bed, but they come back and say: 'Father, Your children are now even deeper asleep then ever before'. Then the Father says: 'Oh, this cannot be! We have to help them out or else they will all perish. Now we have to use the stick'.
Then the Father comes again with the stick. And look, a few children are jumping up for fear of the stick out of the bed of death, clothe themselves, and still sleepy they go to their daily work. And they grumble because the Father woke them up with the stick and has put them to work, but most of the children let the stick come upon them, get into a blind rage, get quickly up, throw themselves upon the Father and strangle Him. Then what do such children deserve?"
The Pharisees said: "Oh, woe to such children! The deeply insulted Father will be furious with them and will cast them out of His house and will nevermore recognize them as His children. They will have to wander around in foreign regions and in the wilderness of the Earth like dogs among the unmerciful gentiles, and everywhere they will have to perform the most miserable services of slaves. Who will then have mercy upon them?"
Raphael said: "Only the Father, if they will repent and return to Him again. But those who do not want to come back, the Father will not give instruction to search for them and exhort them to come back, but they will be left in misery until this will compel them to come back.
But you are now belonging to those children who still - although with much effort - allow, under a lot of grumbling from their part, to be chased out of their bed in the bright daylight. Because now you are out of bed, do not go into it again, but remain in the day of the Father in the open field. Then the Father will have love for you and help you with the work for the perfecting of your lives. However, if you will return to your old bed, then you will be delivered to the hard-hearted taskmasters, which are named: poverty, distress, misery, blindness, desertion, pain and despair.
For man carries the 7 Spirits of God in him, which are preparing the happiest eternal life. Likewise, he has the 7 spirits of Hell in him, which I have named before. Those are causing in him under their terms, eternal death and its torments.
What I have just told you is the eternal truth out of God. If you direct yourselves accordingly, your sins will be forgiven and you will attain to the perfection of the life of your souls."