Jesus' Precepts and Deeds through His Three Years of Teaching

The Lord on the Mount of Olives. (cont.) Gospel of John, Chapter 8

- Chapter 158 -
About the right wisdom and carefulness.

Pharisee said: "Lord and Master, so according to what You said, by the distribution of our treasures among the poor we may use the right wisdom and carefulness?"
I said: "Once I have said something, it has been said for eternity, because this whole visible sky and this Earth will pass away, but My words will not in all eternity.
Even if somebody would do something extraordinary good, but in a foolish way, then this deed has no value because thereby the good has not been achieved. If someone wants to do something good for his fellowman he must not make it known and must not let him be glorified and be praised but he must keep it secret in such a way that practically his right hand does not know what his left is doing. Then God, who also sees the most secret things, will reward that work with His blessing.
Would it be wise if you would give your treasures to the temple to be distributed among the poor? The temple would indeed praise you openly before everyone but that would not help the poor.
But find a righteous middleman. That is for you the best way. Your names will remain unknown, you will avoid the praise and honor of the world, and the poor are helped in the best way. For it is better to arrange with a righteous middleman a provision for many poor people, for the right purpose, in the right measure and for the right necessity, than to give in the hands of a poor person in one time a lot of money. Because that would make the poor person, who already became very humble, very easily proud and would spoil his patient and to God consecrated soul.
You can find such a middleman very easily. I can even name here five of them. Take for instance Nicodemus or Joseph of Arimathea, or friend Lazarus, or the innkeeper from the valley of Lower-Bethany, or standing next to him, the innkeeper of the large inn at the highway near Bethlehem.
And so, I also have shown you this way. If your family should be in need, then it is also best to find with them a necessary and a to Me pleasing shelter for body and soul."
The Pharisees said: "Lord and Master, we thank You that You have also given us this advice. Partly already today, but for sure on the first day after the Sabbath it will be done. Oh, by this advice from You, a heavy stone has been taken away from our chest. Yes, now it is not difficult for us to carry out everything.
What do You think, Lord and Master, if we give to each of the named friends a part of our treasures, so that one person would not be too heavily loaded with the work for the poor?"
I said: "This depends now on you. One is as good as the other."
With this, both of the now completely converted Pharisees, were very satisfied, they went to the five named men and were discussing with them.
Then also the two Levites came to Me and said: "Lord and Master, what shall we do? Our wealth is still small, and what we are possessing we have inherited, and in this way it is our rightful property. But if we may follow You, then we also wish to do what the two chiefs are doing."
I said: "You are free to do so. But look at these first disciples of Mine. They also have a rightful possession at home and they have wife and children. For the sake of God's Kingdom, they have left everything and followed Me. This you also can do.
But I tell you also: the birds have their nests, and the foxes have their holes, but I, who am also on this Earth bodily a Son of Man, do not have so much in my possession that I could lay My head on it."
The two Levites said: "And still, Heaven is Your throne and this Earth is the footstool under Your feet."
I said: "This was not inspired by your flesh, but by your inner spirit. Remain in this knowledge and be patient. Then you will easily reach the inner life perfection. Thus you also can go and discuss with Lazarus."
The two Levites followed this advice at once and they went to Lazarus.