Jesus' Precepts and Deeds through His Three Years of Teaching

The Lord on the Mount of Olives. (cont.) Gospel of John, Chapter 8

- Chapter 159 -
The spiritual eye of the men from Upper-Egypt.

icodemus came to Me and said: "Lord, I thank You. By the complete conversion of these two chiefs I have been released of a great fear, because actually it was them whom I feared the most."
I said: "Let us not talk about that anymore. I will rest now, after which I also will give them a sign. Only after that they will firmly believe in Me. Deliberate now among yourselves."
Then I went into the hut and rested for a while.
I stayed for a little half hour resting in the hut, but gave Peter, James and John, who were with Me in the hut, instruction to go to the 7 Egyptians and tell them about the foundations of the gospel and to prepare them for a sign that I would perform.
The 3 disciples did just that and were well received by the 7 Egyptians. However, Peter was astonished when he discovered that especially the leader knew much more about all My teachings and deeds and even about My childhood than he himself. James and John, who knew most about My childhood, because they grew up with Me, were very surprised and had to do justice to the Egyptian.
Peter secretly thought by himself: "Here again, the Lord let us run into it. We have to teach the gospel to them, and they simply know more about it than the three of us together. Why did the Lord do this to us?"
The man from Upper-Egypt noticed within himself what Peter was thinking, and for this reason he said: "Why do you ask yourself why the Lord has sent you to us while we already knew and understood His teaching better than you all? O look, dear brothers, the Lord knew, and even very clearly, that you were already starting to forget this and that, and precisely for that reason He sent you for a talk of half an hour to us to receive back again the little that you have lost.
This is also stated in your book. Even in this way: 'Those who are with the Lord have lost a lot. But then the foreigners come from the distant countries and give the lost priceless pearls and precious stones back to the children. And the Lord is for this reason also very kind to the foreigners and receives them into the dwellings of His children.'
Look, dear brothers, the Lord has also foreseen this apparently insignificant incident already a long time ago, and because everything that the prophets have said about Him must be fulfilled, from the smallest to the greatest, also this small prophecy could not stay unfulfilled."
Then Peter said: "O dear friend, do tell me how you could know all that so precisely."
The man from Upper-Egypt said: "When your spirit and your soul will be one - what you all as His chosen ones can expect soon - then you will see very clearly, but the soul who is still connected to the body, cannot see nor understand that.
However, I do not only know what is written in your books but I also know the old scriptures of the Egyptians, the Persians, the Berians, the Indians, Chinese and the scriptures of the old Meduhed by the Ihyponese . In short, whatever there is to be found from the North Pole to the South Pole, is as well known to me as your fishing hut at home in the neighborhood of the city Capernaum, where the Lord has performed already so many signs, and where still so few are believing in Him, because they are blind salesmen, brokers and money-usurers. Whatever this Earth carries and contains, is very well known to me. But beyond this Earth I still can see little.
I can distinguish the fixed stars and the wandering stars, and I can calculate the course and the position of the latter, because already since my early childhood I was skilled in the art of survey of ancient Egypt. I also suspect in myself that the wandering stars are worlds that look like this Earth, but until now I still could not reach them in my spirit. But the Lord will give me here also that gift that will make me extremely happy.
You have received about this already the highest and truly perfect explanation and teachings from the Lord by His word. Also this is known to me, and therefore nothing is lacking to my knowledge of the starry sky in this new time. But I also would like to see this in my spirit, as clear as I can see the whole Earth with my own eyes. That will happen to me and also to my 6 companions here. Then, then, friend, I will be completely perfect, because only then I will be able to understand the eternal greatness of the Lord more and more."