Jesus' Precepts and Deeds through His Three Years of Teaching

The Lord on the Mount of Olives. (cont.) Gospel of John, Chapter 8

- Chapter 16 -
The work of the nature spirits in the formation of metal. The secret of the miracle.

(Raphael:) "See, you certainly can not see the elements of pure gold drifting around in the air; but I can see it and can very precisely distinguish it from countless other elements. Since I can do this and can also expand my will similarly in all directions, I can extract the pure gold elements out of the air and concentrate it in a visible heap, or I can just as well give it any hardened form I choose, like for example a goblet, and you will immediately see a heap of gold of any size or a golden goblet in front of you, and it will consist of completely natural gold and not a, so to speak, trifling fools gold, but the same natural gold which people dig out of the mountains, separate it from foreign elements, melt it in the fire and produce all sorts of valuable objects and items.
Since certain nature-spirits inside the matter of the mountains, who are closely related to the gold elements in the air, attract according to their very basic intelligence and attached willpower - called by chemists the forces of attraction - the free gold out of the air, and if this continues for a couple of hundred years, quite an amount of gold will become visible at such a place.
That, however, such concentration of gold in nature progresses only very slowly, is due to the very basic intelligence and similar basic willpower of such nature-spirits in their inevitable state of judgement.
However, I, as a most free and perfected spirit with the highest intelligencers beyond number and measure and equally fullness of willpower out of God, can accomplish in one moment - as I have showed you already - , what the unilaterally weak intelligent and equally willpower limited nature-spirits can only accomplish over time.
Pay attention how I'm going to perform such miracle. For your sake I will do it somewhat slower, so that you more easily can see how the gold out of the free air will collect in your hand. See, I want it to happen, and you can already see in your hand a thin concentration of gold! Just look how the gold becomes more and more! The palm of your hand is already covered with a quite heavy gold plate. Above it a well-shaped edge starts to appear. It grows upwards, and see, within a few moments you have a holder from pure gold - say - completely natural gold on your hand, which can only be dissolved in its primeval elements by the power of a perfected spirit, but not so easily by any other force in nature. But I will leave you this holder as it is, and you can use it or let a goldsmith make something else from it, or just keep it.
You have now seen how I in a slow manner have performed a miracle in front of you; but now stretch out your other hand and I shall perform the same miracle instantly! See, I want, and instantly you are holding exactly the same holder in your left hand!
Just as I can accomplish this through my inner power, I can do all the other things what I have produced for the many guests. Nevertheless, you do not need to give this meal to your guests for free; since they are all wealthy traders they should pay for the food and drinks they had. Soon they will go back to their meanwhile locked sale booths and attract buyers through their shouting. Just let your servants collect the money!"
Hereupon Lazarus called his servants and said, that they should not ask more than ten pennies from each guest. The servants did that and each guest paid with pleasure the required pennies and on top were thankful for the good catering and asked for the liberty to come back in the evening and on the two following days, which Lazarus of course most graciously permitted.
After all the many guests had left the mountain to return to the city, the servants wanted, according to habitual custom, clear the tables. But Raphael indicated to them, that they should spare themselves the work; since the same guests would return in the evening, nobody is required to look after them, except for the servants to collect the money after the evening meal and to leave all tables laid as before. This was accepted and the many guests were served with food and drinks for the following two days, without Lazarus being required to use a single fish, a piece of bread or a cup of wine from his existing stock.