Jesus' Precepts and Deeds through His Three Years of Teaching

The Lord on the Mount of Olives. (cont.) Gospel of John, Chapter 8

- Chapter 161 -
The inner revelation of the man from Upper-Egypt.

t night my father came to me again and said that my reaction was good, but at the same time he made the will of God known to me and advised me urgently to follow it strictly and to make it as my own will. In this way, I should have all dominion over nature and its elements, just like the first human beings had when the Earth was still a lot more dangerous.
When we woke up again in the morning, I told everybody about my dream and I urgently advised them all to thank the great God seriously for His protection, and to fervently ask Him also never to take it away from us. This we did, and later I made the will of God known to everybody, which was revealed by the spirit of my father. And I urged them all to follow it very precisely with the greatest love, reverence and thankfulness to God.
They all promised this to me. And look, then it suddenly became very bright in our cave, which even during daylight was very dark, and we saw even more passages in it that we were courageously exploring, and in this way we still found more caves further upstream that had more or less easy exits. And so, we found a few good dwelling places, which later on were inhabited by my companions. In these caves we also found a few pure naphtha wells. We were scooping the oil in the lamps that we had brought with us, by which we then were able to illuminate our natural habitations. We all were aware of the fact that this discovery was a very special favor from above, and so we very earnestly thanked the great God for this.
When we expressed our gratitude we heard a clear voice that said in very understandable words the following thing to us: 'Live all of you in accordance to My will that has been revealed to you, then all the animals of this wilderness will serve you according to your will. But you only may ask from them what you need for your body. Therefore, you must not store up any provision for yourselves.
In the middle cave you will find a big amount of salt. Use this to salt the fish that the eagles will catch for you out of the Nile. Lay them on stone plates that are strongly heated up by the sun, and eat them. At the exit of the first cave, there is a well of fresh water under a gray-white stone. Smash the tender stone to pieces, then immediately you will find a large quantity of good drinking water. Do not chase lions and panthers or other animals from this region, then they will serve you when you need their service.'
Then the voice became silent. We thanked God once more for the revelation, and we realized by this that it was really God's will that we choose this region as our dwelling place.
All this had a tremendous influence on my heart and mind because everything that was revealed to me was indeed confirmed. After this, I continued to search, received an inward word and acted according to what I heard within myself. Most of the things succeeded. However, only now and then when some doubts came up in me concerning its success, it did not work. I had to get rid of the smallest doubt, after which all things succeeded in such a way that I could not think about any doubt furthermore. And after a few years I noticed within myself what the spirit of Enoch said to the Pharisees before. Because, no matter where I directed myself in thoughts on the whole Earth, I was already present there with my eyes, ears, mouth, nose, hands and feet.
However, my companions - except one - did not reach that far yet, but they all are very much on the right way to it. And then also I have taken them all to this place, so that they will hear what is most high, and so that they can see and hear the great God in the appearance of a person who is like us, to whom I have lead them in spirit. That is also why now they are, just like me, full of the greatest joy and the greatest happiness. And so, now you know by my short description, how I and also my companions came to our inner life perfection.
However, for you here as children of the Lord it is easier. But we are strangers, and we must do more in order to be accepted by the Lord as a child. Are you satisfied with my description?"
Peter said: "More than satisfied, and I am glad that the Lord reveals Himself also in faraway countries to those people who are earnestly seeking Him, love Him and are totally relying on Him.
But He is already coming out of the hut to perform a sign for the two converted Pharisees. Let us therefore now give Him again our total attention with heart, eye and ear."
Then I went to Peter and said: "Well, Simon Juda, how did you carry out My instruction with these strangers?"
Peter said: "Lord, You surely knew that those strangers and not us would preach Your gospel, and You have sent us to them so that they would tell us what we are unfortunately still lacking, because we already forgot this and that of Your lessons and deeds. Also for this, o Lord, we do thank You because we really have learned a lot from these friends."
I said: "Then it is also good in this way. And therefore, we still will perform now a sign for the strengthening of the faith of those 4 temple servants. Go and tell them to come here."