Jesus' Precepts and Deeds through His Three Years of Teaching

The Lord on the Mount of Olives. (cont.) Gospel of John, Chapter 8

- Chapter 167 -
The task of the 70 who are sent out.

hen the Pharisees and also the well-known Jewish Greeks saw that, they came to Me and said: "Lord, we do believe as firmly in You as those who You have sent out now, and we fully know Your teaching now also. Do You then not also want to send us out like that, ahead of You into the world?"
I said: "Once it will be your turn also, but for this moment these 70 are sufficient. When I will be lifted up and have ascended, you also and still many others will be sent out to proclaim the gospel of God's Kingdom to all men. However, stay with Me now as faithful witnesses of My words and deeds, because here you are also needed, just like those who are sent out now to other places.
The night-signs of the last but one night were seen by a lot of people in the far surroundings and they are still in great fear because they do not know the meaning of the mighty appearances. When those who are sent out will come to them, they will bring true comfort to those who are sorrowful and anxious. And look, that is an important reason why I have send out the 70 already today. Do you now understand the great, wise plans of the Father in Heaven?"
When they heard that, they were satisfied and did not ask anymore on the hill.
Then Lazarus came to Me and asked Me: "O great, most loving Friend, Master and Lord of all men, look, the sun will go down pretty soon. Do You want to stay here this night or will You still go back to my Mount of Olives? If ever - what is the wish of my heart - the latter would be the case, then I will send someone immediately to that place to tell the people that they must take the necessary measures for us."
I said: "We all will only be back on your Mount of Olives during the night, because now at daylight our arrival would all too soon and easily be discovered by the temple servants. As far as our bodily care is concerned we still will be very well taken care of, because our friend Nicodemus still has a large inn and a large residence. Therefore, we will only go to your Mount of Olives close to midnight in all quietness, so that nobody would be offended at us."
With this answer, Lazarus was satisfied.
I gave Raphael however the instruction to take care now of the young people because they were already slightly hungry.
Then Nicodemus was suggesting if it would not be easier to give them a fairly sized meal in the inn.
I said: "Do not bother, My servant surely knows what he has to do. Everything will be very fine, and so it will also be."